General Hospital: Everyone is the love of this Mobsters Life!

Sonny Corinthos

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Let’s be honest, every single woman Sonny Corinthos Jr. is in a relationship with is for the most part referred to as “the love of his life” or “the only one who can save him/understand and accept him” or my personal favourite “the only one who makes him want to be a better man” and the next thing we know it’s like BAM who was she?

He changes his “hearts one true desire” so often I can’t keep up! Brenda Barrett was “the love of his life” the “one who got away”, yet we were served the same crap for Kate Howard, just a few years ago. And let’s not forget poor, sweet Emily (HURL – not at Emily, but at that pairing), she was “the one great love who makes him want to be a better person”. *insert me sticking my fingers down my throat!

Brenda Barrett

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And each time he moves on to the next, the ink isn’t dry on the divorce papers or the bed is still warm and smells like the last woman. And I think that is what has made me stop caring, start fast forwarding and even disliking this character who I once adored.

Every other male character on the show has ONE or TWO women who “touched” them. Whom they loved and lost, loved and lost again etc. Yes, there are ones in between that they have loved, maybe had children with, enjoyed the company of – but never waxed poetically about how they are the GREAT LOVE of their lives, like Sonny does.

Great loves are either someone who comes into your life that profoundly changes you. They make you want to be more, do more, love more or someone who just loves you for who you are; the good, the bad, the ugly. The person who picks you up when you are down, that one person you can turn to any time for anything. Sonny is never changed by his relationships. He never learns from them. And the women never truly accept him and support him.
Look at some of the other male characters on the show:

Lucky :
Great Love = Liz
Filler Relationships = Sam, Siobhan

Great Love = Emily
Filler Relationships = Gina, Sarah, Not Emily, Courtney, Nadine, Brooklyn, Liz

Great Loves = Laura & Tracy
Filler Relationships = Holly, Skye, Felicia

Great Love = Robin
Filler Relationships = Lisa

Great Love = Maxie
Filler Relationships = Lulu (although they didn’t REALLY date)

Great Loves = Brenda and Carly
Filler Relationships = Miranda, Chloe, Skye, Sam, Courtney

Great Love= Robin & Sam
Filler Relationships = Courtney, Carly, Liz

The filler relationships meant something to all these men I believe, but as I said, I don’t believe they were GREAT LOVES. Yes, the pairings may have had fans or potential to be more, or fans wanting it to be more. Yes, some of the pairings were VERY interesting, but with the exception of some, the viewers were not led to believe that it was anything more than what it was – simple relationships.
But with Sonny, the writers try to make almost EVERY pairing this GREAT LOVE. And it’s getting OLD for me at least.

But alas, I tune in with remote in hand waiting for “dimples to appear” and give my fast forward button a workout – Thank the gods that there are new writers at GH and he is on less!

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