Sister Wife? I’m in! (kind of)

I’ve been overly exhausted lately, constantly yawning and yearning to go back to bed, dragging my feet through the day barely awake. It’s not because I’m not getting any sleep, if anything I may be getting too much sleep, but I find myself unmotivated to do anything. So this morning when I remembered that my husband invited friends over this evening I shuttered inside.

I love having people over, I love our friends and family and want to spend as much time as I can with them.But this weekend, because I’m so tired I was not really feeling it. There’s a lot involved when people are coming over, you gotta make/buy snacks, tidy the house etc. etc. and it’s times like this that makes me wish there was more than one me.

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the TLC show Sister Wives. These women share the raising of the children, play different roles in running the households and take turns spending “quality” time with their husband Kody. In the first season, they all lived under one roof in Utah with connected separate apartments. Christine was the homemaker, Janelle was the co-breadwinner and Meri was the organizer and “rock of the family”. Also, during the first season, husband Kody was “courting” 4th wife Robyn.

I’m under no illusions that their lives are as great as they appear to be on the show. I’m sure there are issues with all of them. Polygamy can’t be the ideal for woman or men for that matter. Imagine having to deal with 4 PMSing women living under the same roof who can and will lash out at you? That man must be a masochist!

We are now in the third season, and cracks are apparent with this family. It seems that Kody is obviously favouring new wife Robyn, and Janelle seems to be suffering from depression due to losing her job. Meri appears to be detaching herself from the family opting for a home further away from the others and wanting a lot of alone time, and Christine is obviously jealous of Robyn and expressed that there is a strain in her relationship with Kody. The kids are hating being in Las Vegas, and the family is still trying to put on a happy face for the cameras. I still find myself rooting for them even though I don’t think they will make it.

I also wonder is there a way I can make this work for me?

I know I could never share my husband the way these women do. For example, I can be the only one who sleeps with or receives affection from my husband. I could NEVER share him in that sense, it’s not who I am. But the sharing of the household responsibilities – done! Being supportive of them and their goals, being a friend and a “sister” to them – done! Living with us and helping to raise each other’s children – no problem! (The children can be my husband’s via in vitro fertilisation or they can be from previous marriages/relationships but there will be absolutely no hanky panky with my man!)

It would be great to have another woman who knows my hubby’s quirks, an in-house support person to vent with over coffee. On days like today, someone who will let me chill and they take care of everything. Unfortunately, my hubby is not on board with this idea because unlike Kody, he is not a a glutton for punishment and he knows that having more than one wife is absolutely CRAZY and WAY too much work.

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