UFC 139: A View from Venus

Watching UFC with women can be a different experience as my husband can attest, we notice things that men don’t. I’m a girl who LOVES a good fight; the main reason I watch is to see a great match-up where it’s anyone’s chance to have the ref raise their hand after the last round and declare them the winner. I’m happy if it’s all ground game or stand and bang or a little of both. The way these fighters go for and/or get out of subs always has me on the edge of my seat. I’m a fan of the sport, and have the utmost respect for these athletes, but I am a woman and I can’t help but see or look for some additional things when watching.

On Saturday, I re-watched UFC 139 with the main event being the Hendo vs. Shogun fight. The whole card was bananas, but the main event of the evening to quote Joe Rogan was “One of the best fights in UFC history”. The first time I watched the fight I noticed a few things, but didn’t voice them since it was just me and the hubby and he doesn’t want to hear my colour commentary. On Saturday though, we had friends of ours over and since there was another female in the room (who also loves UFC), both of us let the comments fly.

I was completely mesmerized by shogun’s “muffin top” and the right cheek of his butt that was determined to make its MMA debut. Shogun is one fit, bada$$ mofo, I just couldn’t believe that HE had love-handles! We commented so much that my husband started chiming in with “I can’t stop looking at his muffin top!” and added disdainfully “Thanks guys!” And then the way his shorts were riding up and due to the beating he took, those “tightie whities” looked more like a dirty diaper!  Which got me thinking … who told him it was ok to wear white to what he knew would be a blood bath?

There are many fighters who wear similar shorts; my personal favourite is GSP (Georges St. Pierre). And DANG that man can wear the hell out of those shorts! He has muscles where I didn’t know muscles could exist!  *Excuse me while I wipe the drool that as formed at the side of my mouth from just thinking about it. Where was I? Oh yeah, the shorts. There are people who can wear them and those that shouldn’t; it makes me wonder why there isn’t an MMA version of What Not to Wear’s Stacy and Clinton? These guys have the most amazing t-shirts, hats and gear, yet they have no one to tell them, “Hey man, maybe you shouldn’t wear those shorts tonight.”

Then there was Stephan Bonnar, he is an attractive guy but his “game face” looks more like “stank face”.  It looked like he was constantly getting a whiff of the nastiest gas ever to be passed! While he mostly gets decisions, he is still a force to be reckoned with but that is NOT a face I would be scared of.

Speaking of faces, Cung Le got his MASHED the heck up! And he is in “the biz”. Wanderlei delivered some vicious knees to Le, the man and his fancy kicks didn’t stand a chance! Not to mention that he looked more ripped and in shape for his last movie then he did facing off with a man known as “The Axe Murderer”.  What was he thinking?  I’m sorry but if I was going into a cage facing off with a man who has THAT nickname I would LIVE at the gym!

UFC 140 is hitting my hometown in a two weeks, unfortunately I won’t be going this time, but I will be tuning in, and I will DEFINITELY have my comments – from a woman’s perspective of course.

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