Sister Wife? I’m in! (kind of)

I’ve been overly exhausted lately, constantly yawning and yearning to go back to bed, dragging my feet through the day barely awake. It’s not because I’m not getting any sleep, if anything I may be getting too much sleep, but I find myself unmotivated to do anything. So this morning when I remembered that my husband invited friends over this evening I shuttered inside.

I love having people over, I love our friends and family and want to spend as much time as I can with them.But this weekend, because I’m so tired I was not really feeling it. There’s a lot involved when people are coming over, you gotta make/buy snacks, tidy the house etc. etc. and it’s times like this that makes me wish there was more than one me.

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General Hospital: Everyone is the love of this Mobsters Life!

Sonny Corinthos

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Let’s be honest, every single woman Sonny Corinthos Jr. is in a relationship with is for the most part referred to as “the love of his life” or “the only one who can save him/understand and accept him” or my personal favourite “the only one who makes him want to be a better man” and the next thing we know it’s like BAM who was she?

He changes his “hearts one true desire” so often I can’t keep up! Brenda Barrett was “the love of his life” the “one who got away”, yet we were served the same crap for Kate Howard, just a few years ago. And let’s not forget poor, sweet Emily (HURL – not at Emily, but at that pairing), she was “the one great love who makes him want to be a better person”. *insert me sticking my fingers down my throat! Continue reading

New Orleans: So good it makes you wanna slap yo Mama!

Katrina Memorial on Convention Center Blvd

I’m not what anyone would call a world traveller; I’ve been to almost every state, across Canada and Cuba. Las Vegas is a good time if you can afford to go there between Thursday and Sunday, I long for the beach at Iberostar Varadero, and Savannah Georgia is breathtaking, rich with history and splendour, but New Orleans…Oh.My.Gawd! Not only is it tragically beautiful, the people completely hospitable but its one hell of a GREAT time!

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