Rant: Cyclists are back on the road…Great!

CyclistIt’s that time of year when the cyclist break out their bikes and hit the road. I am all for saving the environment, and being fit or just enjoying the ride…but most of these “road cyclists” are f’n idiots!

You are on a bike stupid! The only protection you have from my METAL car is your PLASTIC and FOAM helmet…yes you have every right to be riding your bike and I wouldn’t mind sharing the road with you if you obeyed the f’n rules of it!

Just like I have to be aware of the cars around me…so do you! Just because you are on a bike it does not give you a free pass to do whatever you want like swerve out to change lanes without checking and then get pissed off that I am there and almost hit you. LOOK FIRST! Signal your intentions! I have to look AND signal before I change lanes, SO DO YOU!

Red Lights and Stop Signs ARE NOT OPTIONAL! YOU HAVE TO STOP! Not slow down and breeze through. Oh, and for those cyclists that DO stop my car is not for you to LEAN against ASSHOLE and don’t get all offended when I tell you to get the F*$# off it!

And to the asshole this morning who decided to hit my car with his hand because he felt I was too close to the gutter (as I was making a right turn) and he wanted to go through a RED LIGHT. You are so F*$#ing lucky that I am pregnant, because you would be in the hospital right now from me first kicking then shoving your bike up your ass!

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