Thankful Challenge

There is a challenge going around Facebook were people are asked to post 5 things they are thankful for, for 5 days and then tag 5 people to do the same or whatever the arbitrary number is.

A good friend of mine tagged me a few weeks ago and I really wanted to participate but I struggled to think of my first 5 things. Outside of my son, my parents, my family and friends, I couldn’t think of anything more than that. But that’s enough for me. My list may not be long, but it is full of great content.

It’s a tough world out there, full of disappointment and negativity, so I think this challenge is a great idea to help us all find positivity in our lives and be grateful for it, no matter how long or short our list is. Recognizing the people in your life and the value they bring to it is a beautiful thing, because some day they may be gone, and appreciation only takes a moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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