What about your friends?

I recently met up with some old friends from high school and we made concrete plans to meet-up again and agreed to get together more often. One of those “get togethers” is going to the NKOTB Main Event concert with special guests TLC and Nelly. So this weekend I took a little trip down memory lane and listened to some TLC. One of my favorite songs was/is “What about your friends” and it really got me thinking.

Not to be overly dramatic but the past 3 years have been really difficult for me. I had people in my life that I thought were friends for life basically disappear on me and when I was in their presence treat me like the I had the plague. I had a nightmarish pregnancy due to HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum), and then my life drastically changed when I became a mom and while I was trying to figure it all out I faced serious financial struggles due to government red tape that left me with little to no maternity leave pay. It was 3 years filled with rumours, lies, hurt, physical pain, emotional struggles and anger.

But if all of that taught me anything it taught me that my true friends never left me. People who I may not have seen or really spoke to in almost 20 years were there to support me; friends I neglected to make time for other people not only showed up, but held me up. Friends who saw me struggling reached out to make sure I knew that I wasn’t alone and that all the crap that was surrounding me was just that…crap. They made me stop doubting my worth, or who I was and that the reason they were still there was BECAUSE of who I was. And all the crap, especially the friend crap came into perspective and I can’t thank those people enough for it.

originalYou know who you are, and what you have done for me during this difficult time; being the shoulder to cry on, the ear to vent to, the manipedi treats, the bouquets of chocolate covered strawberries, the “dates”, the texts to say “how’s your day” or to dish about the bachelor or whatever show we have in common, the calls, the private messages/posts, the encouragement and the laughter and the “hands up”.

I was too busy before looking in when I should have been looking out, because you were there all along, waiting for me to figure it out. Thank you for being so patient with me. Thank you for reconnecting with me. Thank you for truly caring about me and appreciating me for the flawed person I am. Thank you for the support. Thank you.

TLC was trying to tell us something and I know I wasn’t listening and learned the hard way (and this wasn’t the first time either). So were you listening? Are you going to listen now? The chorus is very catchy, but it also leaves us with something we should all think about because friends are VERY important in our lives and when crap happens they should be the ones supporting you not causing it.

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