Mike is SO Magical!

While everyone else was getting hot and bothered about 50 shades of whatever, I was all about Magic Mike…all about it. I can actually say with almost 100% certainty that I got pregnant because of a combination of Magic Mike and my Cuban vacation where I drank Pina Colada’s in coconuts on a beach while listening to “Pony”. I was so obsessed with the movie that my husband knew that if I wasn’t at home I was either at the gym or at another Magic Mike screening. My obsession with this movie is well documented on my Facebook and my friends are so aware of it that any mention of the sequel or Channing Tatum in any news media is promptly posted on my timeline. (I love my friends and family for this.)

Tuesday, I was uplifted by the release of the first poster for the sequel to Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL. This poster was everything I dreamed it would be. But then Wednesday came and we were given this.


And this has been on repeat every chance I get! Everything about this trailer is sheer perfection. As soon as the beat drops on the Pony remix and you see Channing in all his Channing glory, oiled muscles bent over that …whatever that thing is with the torchy thingy. And then he lifts his head…That’s it folks I’m done!

I can picture his face underneath that mask and it is the “I know” face, because he knows. You can’t tell me he doesn’t know…HE KNOWS what he does to me, to you. He knows that we are going to be clinging to the next minute and 15 seconds until the next teaser/trailer comes out. Watching it on repeat – memorizing each movement like we are about to go blind tomorrow and want to cherish the beauty of it. Because it is beautiful, he is so beautiful and so are his friends.

His thrusts are perfectly timed to the beat as sparks fly from his nether regions. And then at the 0:26 mark he takes of that helmet to show his scrumptious face and that smirk. That smirk says everything I need to know. That smirk tells me that he knows why I will be there July 1st and probably again on the 2nd and the following weekend. That smirk says he knows that I will buy the BluRay DVD combo. That smirk says he is going to give me exactly what I have been waiting for and I am going to eat it up like I’m PMSing and it’s the last piece of cheesecake in the fridge.

And then he sits on the chair and gives me just a little taste of what I am in for before sending me on a visual journey of flash after flash, shot after glorious shot of delicious Channing and his side dishes speaking to me as only they can. This trailer doesn’t let up; there is the floor grind, the scoop behind the butt pick-up, the perfectly timed clap with forward thrusting, the shirtless stage strut and then the self-deprecating funny introduction of “Nice to meet you. Magic. Magic Mike” and then he spins and walks out of the room. But he isn’t finished with me, with us. He has a finishing move and it is worth the minute and 30 second wait… it’s the breathy hair pull backwards into his chest and upward swing thrust. I’m going to need a minute to catch my breath and to watch it one more time.

This gift of a trailer is telling me that Magic Mike XXL IS going to be as extra large as I imagined. And until I can see the entire thing, I got this trailer.


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