Tears of Entertainment: My Top 5 Tear Jerker Moments in Entertainment

Inspired by Grey’s Anatomy’s #TearsofGreys I decided to make a top Five list of TV Shows or Movies that make me have to break out the tissues even after repeat viewings. So without further adieu…

w2r-a-walk-to-remember-33883984-635-4005. A Walk to Remember

This was my first introduction to Nicholas Sparks and while the story was somewhat formulaic; quiet, somewhat nerdy small town girl catches the attention of the town bad boy and shows him he has a heart. There was something about Mandy Moore’s portrayal of Jamie that I think got to me. She was so innocent and I believed that she wasn’t interested in Landon and that love just happened with them. And it was a beautiful love. It was soft and sweet. It was full of faith and understanding. The way Landon tackled Jamie’s cancer and helped her cross of her bucket list, he made it clear no matter how hard she pushed him away that they were in this together. And it was moving how they spent a lifetime in the little time they had and how Jamie completely changed Landon’s and her father’s lives. I loved how as the viewer you know that her love made sure neither of these men would ever be alone now , that because of their experience with her they now had each other. Ok, now I am crying.

P_S_-I-Love-You-Images4. P.S. I Love You

First they draw you in with the very real fight that becomes playful. Then you see the passion and their very tangible unconditional love. You can’t miss it. The chemistry is there and as they make plans for their future it seems so clear … But then he is gone. No warning. Just gone. And you feel the loss with her. I never watched a movie that had me crying within the first 10 minutes.

When the first note comes, you realize that this love transcended death and it makes you start bawling all over again. She can’t let go and he couldn’t yet either. Her husband’s love from beyond the grave not only helps her move on, but allows her to experience their love anew. It is such a beautiful journey and I cried almost the whole way through and I cry just as hard every time I re-watch it.


56654_1204457025068_full3. Denny’s Death: Grey’s Anatomy Season 2

The season two finale of Grey’s Anatomy has stuck with me. It wasn’t just the fact that Denny died a mere hour after proposing to Izzy. Or seeing Izzy devastated lying in the bed with him not able to let him go. It was Alex. Alex was in love with Izzy, he loved her enough to let her go. He knew she wanted Denny and he let her go. And when Denny died he loved her enough to be strong for her. He told her what she needed to hear with such love in his voice. That Denny was gone and that he wouldn’t want this for her as “Chasing Cars” begins to play in the background. As the reality of what happens sinks in for her she starts to fall apart as her friends look on and it’s Alex again who takes care of her. He scoops her up out of the bed she was just laying in with Denny’s body and just holds her while she cries.

That image of him scooping her out of that bed in her beautiful pink flowing gown and sitting down in that chair as she bawls…that was the moment for me. I get teary just thinking about it.

mixtape_buffy-blog2. Buffy Kills Angel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 2

How horrible would you feel if you found out that if you bumped uglies with the man you love he would lose his soul and become a sociopathic killer? Well that was exactly what happened to Buffy. She finally slept with Angel and he lost his soul and tortured her for months.

Ok, for those of you who are not Buffy fans it sounds a little stupid but trust me Buffy and Angel were beautiful together. Wild horses couldn’t drag them away from each other. But Angel was a vampire cursed with a soul, meant to walk this earth feeling guilty for every kill he made past and present. And this curse made him very broody, because Angel as Angelus killed A LOT of people and he did it with a certain flare. Angel never knew what happiness was or what love was until he met Buffy. And therein lies the problem. Because one true pure moment of happiness breaks the curse. So when they got their groove on Angel got REALLY happy and turned back in to a psycho killer … he once again became Angelus.

And Angelus got off by hurting Buffy in any way he could. He hurt friends, he killed people she cared about and he was going to resurrect a demon to destroy the world. But Buffy’s best friend found a way to bring Angel back and just when Buffy is about to finally kill Angelus to close the portal to hell he opened, the spell works and Angel returns. What’s even worse is he has no idea what has happened the past few months. But it’s too late the only way to save the world is to kill Angel.

So she kisses him, tells him she loves him and says “Close your eyes”. She kisses him one last time and drives a sword through his heart sending him into the portal to hell knowing he doesn’t understand why this is happening as Sarah McLaughlin’s ‘Full of Grace” plays. It gets me every time.

big1. April and Jackson’s Baby: Grey’s Anatomy Season 11

Where to begin with this? I said on Twitter while I was watching this episode last night that I aspire to be April Kepner. What an amazing character Shonda Rhimes created. Here is a woman, actually not just a woman but a woman of great faith, choosing to basically go against her faith and induce labour at 24 weeks to stop further pain to her child. As a mother, watching this episode tore into my heart in ways I can’t even begin to describe. When April is told that her baby’s bones were most likely breaking while in utero, her reaction was gut wrenching.

When she is having a crisis of faith and at her breaking point she stops to give comfort to a woman grieving the death of her fiancée. This woman has no idea of the depths of her strength. The emotional layers to this episode are so moving; Shonda is a genius that way.

First we see little Sheppard telling everyone that the only thing they should be doing to help April and Jackson is lighting a candle and praying for them. But what we viewers who watched Private Practice know that the characters don’t is that this is bringing back her loss. And she is struggling with that loss all day, until the end when she sees that every candle in the chapel is lit. And only then can she unburden some of her pain on Owen.

Oh and April, she knows miracles happen and she needs Jackson to believe in it too. He sees his wife struggle with her faith so he goes to the chapel and demands that God “Show up” for April. And God does, but in the way we are told he does…in mysterious ways. A man is given sight when the likelihood of that happening was none. A woman who is told she will never bear children gives birth just before she undergoes and survives a surgery that should have killed her. And all of this is juxtaposed against April as she gives birth to her son Samuel Avery Jackson. When she lovely holds him as he is baptized and doesn’t let go of him until he takes his last painful breath. As Jackson and April leave the hospital without their son you see her reach up for her husbands hand, the weight of their lost so painfully displayed on their faces and your heart breaks again for them.


If you think I missed any or don’t agree with my list, let me know in the comments.

One thought on “Tears of Entertainment: My Top 5 Tear Jerker Moments in Entertainment

  1. Jinette says:

    OMG! I bawled from start to finish with P.S. I love you! and Denny dying has always been my favorite episode. Every time I hear snow patrol, I think of it!
    But this last episode of Grey’s…. wow! just wow! Best one ever!


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