Ok Cineplex, you wooed me back to you

You tricky little devil, you marketing genius, you. Did you read my blog “For the love of Ryan Gosling… SHUT IT!” a few years ago and realize I was breaking up with you and in an effort not to lose me forever you set a plan in motion to win back my love? Because it worked, I do love you again Cineplex and I think our love story is one for the movies…

Cineplex and had a turbulent relationship to say the least. We started out as friends; I remember the great adventures of my childhood when “he” introduced me Indiana Jones at the Eaton Center or The Land Before Time at Warden Woods. We were so innocent then. But soon our relationship blossomed, and we began spending every weekend together. Snuggled up with popcorn, a Jumbo Coke and friends, “he” took me places that were Fast and Furious, and made me feel special when “he” asked me to Save the Last Dance. But Cineplex had issues “he” needed to work out, issues “he” chose to stay in the dark about and my staying was only enabling “him”.

The standards “he” set were ok in my youth, I could see past it all because I loved “him” so much. I could handle the loud outbursts “he” allowed “his” friends to have in the middle of our time together. In my youth I didn’t care that “he” kept “his” place a mess, with food everywhere and sticky floors and those horrible seats that often had chunks missing out of them. I loved “him”, I was young and so I stayed. And it seemed like every time I thought I had enough, “he” would surprise me with thoughtful gifts like Dolby Sound Systems and comfort seating. Even though “he” was taking way more from me (Hello! ticket price hikes!) I was blinded by the allure of these things, these experiences. I would have one foot out the door and he would pull me back in with 3D Titanic experiences. But I was getting tiresome of “his” friends antics, and the state of his “home”. After the Twilight  Breaking Dawn part 2 incident of 2011, we had a real sit down and I explained how I was getting too old for this and that I need to see real change or I was leaving. That’s when “he” started to cry and got down on one knee and presented me with UltraAVX. I was so thrilled I couldn’t wait to show my friends!

I must admit, UltraAVX was impressive. It was everything I thought I wanted. No wait times with the pre-selected comfort seating and there were vast improvements with cleanliness. But it couldn’t last, Cineplex invited “his” loud, obnoxious friends to the “wedding” and they were paying the extra $5 to bring their young children who liked to talk A LOT during the “ceremony”. I was pregnant and could no longer abide this behavior, so after the “wedding” I filed my divorce papers and shacked up with Netflix.

Netflix and I were happy together but Cineplex couldn’t, “he” wouldn’t let me go. “He” refused to sign the divorce papers and begged me to give “him” one last chance. “He” asked me to meet me at “his” new place, The VIP Theatre, and I agreed. It’s impressive and showed how much Cineplex has changed and finally proved that “he” is capable of fulfilling my needs.

First, “he” learned how to cook and “he” served me…in my seat! My “man” learned how to pamper me. “He” got a liquor licensed and “his place” became a kid free zone, which meant no more crying babies, or loud teenagers who take selfies with the screen or had to announce every movement they made like their need to go potty! And the décor is lovely, there are trays that swing in front of you, and comfortable loveseat lounge chairs and the floors are laminate and NOT sticky! The sound is amazing and the picture quality is edge to edge enjoyment. “He” won me back and if “he” keeps up this treatment we may make it to our silver anniversary.

For those who gave up on going to the movies because of all the shenanigans, I highly recommend the VIP Theatre experience; it is well worth the extra few dollars so can still experience certain movies on the big screen.

3 thoughts on “Ok Cineplex, you wooed me back to you

  1. I have never heard of this VIP service, but this post reminds me of life before a baby when my husband and I used to go to the movies all the time. We were “boring” daters I suppose, but it was great. Miss being able to go now without planning ahead.

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