Buh-Bye Bell


Buckle up babies, I know it has been awhile so this is going to be a LONG one!

So, Bell Canada fooled me good. Last year they convinced me to switch to them. They offered me more channels and unlimited Internet for less than what I was paying with Rogers. My Bill was going to go from about $140 plus taxes with Rogers to $118 plus taxes with bell for the “Better” package and Unlimited Internet.

All I had to do was sign a 2 year contract. I asked multiple times will I pay the same amount for the duration of the contract? I was assured again and again that the contract for services and equipment was for 2 years. I said “Sign me up”

Fast forward to November 29th. Bell calls me and offers me free TMN/HBO and Crave for 3 months. But since my billing cycle had already begun, they would credit me for the nine days that I missed and the promotion would end February 20th. I asked if it would effect my current contract they said no it’s just a promotion for TMN/HBO and Crave for 3 months. I said “Sign me up”.

My bill comes in January and I almost fall over…It’s $160!!!! Now I know it went up to $124 plus taxes because we got another PVR receiver. But $160…no thank you. So I looked at my bill details.

First problem: They billed me instead of crediting me the difference of those 9 days.

Second Problem: In bold under my Internet and TV sections it said “Promotion Expires January 20th”

Well colour me confused because, My contract is not up..it’s only been a year!

So I call and have them first, fix the over-billing and then ask what is going on with my promos.

I spoke to a lovely gentleman who couldn’t tell me why this was happening, he also couldn’t change the promo end and couldn’t apply equivalent promos until the promo actually expired on the 20th…So I had to call back. But he assured me that since I was a loyal Bell Canada customer and they wanted to ensure my satisfaction he was making notes of our discussion and that my promos or promos equal to what I was getting would be placed on my account  when I call back on January 20th.

So here we are January 20th, D-day for so many reasons, and I call Bell and guess what…They don’t have any promos to match what I was promised! Shocking <—Sarcasm!

In fact, they want me to pay $160/month plus tax for my services now and that is the” very best they can do”. And even though they are the ones breaking our agreement, if I want to cancel a year early they will change me $75 cancellation fee!!!!

I politely freaked out. I told the girl that was unacceptable and that I will cancel and pay the $75 and go with TekSavvy for internet. Suddenly there were other options. She came back with 140-ish plus taxes. I told her no again. I am not paying more when I was promised an amount for the duration of my contract. My contract was not up, so pricing should not be up for negotiation.

So I cancelled.

At some point Bell Canada needs to wake up and realize that they are going the way of the dinosaur because the refuse to change with the times. In an age of Netflix, AppleTV and Android Boxes you can’t afford to continue lose “loyal customers” over $40-$50 a month. People,are not willing to go into debt for television and we don’t have to because we have WAY more options now.

Bell and Rogers no longer own the market. Even the TV stations you provide service to are betraying you offering next day viewing of almost all of their shows online…all you need is the internet! And thanks to the low, low prices of companies like TekSavvy Solutions Inc. you are going to be extinct soon if you don’t adapt.

You think you saved yourself with CraveTV but that is just a band-aid on a hemorrhaging wound. It won’t save you. So good luck with this Customer Service model…and with that…

Peace Out!

One thought on “Buh-Bye Bell

  1. Even I have bought an android box. going to cancel cable in the city and satellite at the cottage. It will save me a bundle and I get everything. I have been through all of this many times with both Bell and Rogers. I am happy now to be gone.


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