Response to This Modest Mom’s Disney Boycott

Mommy blogger Brooke otherwise known as “This Modest Mom” is a Christian woman with “conservative opinions”. Yesterday she posted a blog about cancelling her “$6000 Disney World Vacation” and boycotting due to a scene in the new live action movie Beauty and The Beast. I couldn’t get through the warning  before I had to stop myself from compulsively banging me head on my desk. As Henry says, she was making my eye twitch. So instead I decide to write my own blog response to it.
Let’s go through some of this shall we:
“…but I love all people, no matter your race, ethnicity, political beliefs and/or lifestyle choices.”
Being LGBT is not a “lifestyle choice”! Just like she didn’t choose to be born white and I did not choose to be born bi-racial; gay people didn’t choose who they were attracted to, as Ms. Gaga would say they were born that way.
“… if you boycott all the things that support an agenda you don’t agree with, you’d have nothing.”
An agenda by definition is “an underlying often ideological plan or program a political agenda.” Let’s go back to my first point….you are born gay! It is not a religion, or ideology, program or political agenda…the Gay community isn’t going to try and convert anyone, unlike this blogger and her on-ward Christian soldiers.

“…LGBT community pleaded for Elsa to make the ‘turn’ too”
Jesus take the wheel…say it with me…you can’t turn gay! And I would love to know where she got that fact from!
“And if Elsa were to make an ‘announcement’ we would no longer be Frozen fans either.”
Side bar question: I wonder if this woman’s daughter or son made an “announcement” would she no longer be a fan of them too? I thought she “loved all people”.
“Some of the most popular shows (Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Quantico, This Is Us, Greys Anatomy, The Good Wife, etc.), most of which air on ABC, a Disney owned network, I quit watching them all when they revealed exclusively LGBT characters”
I’m sorry…exclusively LGBT characters are just characters…you can’t 1/2 way to gay…you either are LGBT or you aren’t. This is making my head hurt…I don’t even want to read anymore of this BS. Oh and as for her list of boycotted shows, that is totally her loss cause those shows are AWESOME!
“Disney isn’t just aiming their efforts towards parent’s of Disney-aged children anymore. They are pointing a desperate finger at the innocence of our youth. Disney is targeting our youth like they’re aiming at big game on a corporate hunting trip. They are banking on corrupting the purity of a child’s mind for the 1%. They are no longer making watching a choice, but by forcing it to become mainstream, Disney is telling the conservative family, the Christian public, that they’re views hold no worth. In jest, they’re subtly encouraging you to conform your ways. “
^^^This…I can’t even with this. Normalizing what..something that is normal? Let’s face it our kids are going to grow up seeing 2 Mommies or 2 Daddies or someone in their class or school is going to be gay. Is she going to instruct her child to shun those children? Bully them? Make them feel bad about the parents who love them? Or what about if her child, god forbid, sees themselves in these characters that have been normalized and because of that her child won’t have to go through the pain that other LGBT people had to go through to finally be free to be themselves! What happened to being a damn Christian?!?!
“At this point, Disney is proudly looming over your morals and values and eerily cackling like a villain in one of their own classic fairy tales.”
By saying/doing what exactly? Promoting love and acceptance of each other. Is that so morally corrupt?
See, here is the problem with these “Conservative Family Values” people like this blogger. They think that by accepting that there are gay people in the world and that gay people are just regular people like you and me going about their regular life, wanting to see themselves reflected as regular people in the “media” that the world is going to “turn gay” and we are all going to hell. It’s absurd. Views like this is what is keeping us divided, it’s why women are still fighting for equality (Happy International Women’s Day!), it’s why people of colour are still being discriminated against, it’s why 45 is still trying to implement a Muslim Ban.
“Let’s let our children be children. Don’t include them in your efforts to create a politically correct stance.”

For my response to this one I will use every child’s favorite…Story time:

My son is almost 4. My Uncle is gay as well as many of my friends. I brought my son to Pride when he was 2. You know what he remembers…this photo below. That’s what he remembers… that he met Superman! But you know what else? If you ask him about what being gay means or what it is, he has no clue. He just sees people and love. THAT is the innocence of childhood!


At the end of the day nothing I say or anyone says is going to change this woman’s opinion and she has the right to have whatever feelings she wants. My issue is in her choice of words and fanning of misconceptions and the environment that she and those like her are continuing to foster that is causing young people to bully each other and on the other side of that spectrum some are ending their lives. Words matter. Use them well.

Warning: If you are going to start commenting and quoting bible verses to me be forewarned; I went to 14 years of Catholic School, I was in the choir, was a very active member of the church during that time and went to church camp…you don’t want to throw down with me.

39 thoughts on “Response to This Modest Mom’s Disney Boycott

  1. You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to write this. You’re making a positive impact on the world through this blog and I hope you feel nothing but the UTMOST appreciation from all today.


      • TotalRandomMama says:

        So is wearing mixed fabrics according to the bible yet here we are.

        I *was* Catholic and views like yours is the reason I no longer identify as such because the organization forgets the number one rule God judges and determines what’s “right” or “wrong” not us…seems you forgot that too.


    • Beth says:

      This lady seems like she had to many abortions but lies to herself that she didn’t murder babies. God will punish her for killing babies


      • totalrandomthoughts says:

        Beth, I don’t know how we went from a Gay Disney character to abortion and your accusation of my “many abortions”, I think you took too many sips of your bigotry and rage drink, or you live far too close to the Westboro Baptist Church.

        I’ll pray for you.


  2. Julie age 53 says:

    God made gay people too. You do not know his ultimate plan so your arrogance is just wrong.
    Do you want to separate yourself from any other groups? You’re like the old man who says everyone is equal but won’t sit next to a black person on the bus or at the movies. He doesn’t put his money where his mouth is. You say the politically correct stuff then act like an ignorant fool. I hope God leads both your children to love others of their own sex just to teach you the error of your ways.
    You need to spend your life in your clothset with a bag over your head if you can’t handle reality. Gays have been around as long as people, and you are a very foolish woman. How long do you think you can hide gayness grom your kids anyway? You know what they say about forbidden fruit, right? I hope there really is a judgement day – at least for you. What if you really are wrong?
    You are a hypocrite. And I pity you. What’s more, I pity your children.


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      Hi Julie, I understand you’re points! I believe in equality too! I am an ally and This Modest Mom’s post is what inspired mine.

      I think you meant to place this comment on her blog. Although as a Mom myself I would ask if you do choose to repost your thoughts take a step back and maybe edit out the name calling and telling her you pity her children. 🙂


    • George says:

      My name is George and I am against any group promoting themselves forcefully, screaming my rights my freedom. those groups forgetting they also have a lots more obligations also those groups are biggest racist xenophobes and so on.
      All of this is used by our governments and people behind to slowly enslave us
      God love everyone, but disapprove our sin, saying I was born that way is most cases excuse. I was born with certain deficiency too and am I suppose stay that way if I can change it!?
      You figure it out


      • totalrandomthoughts says:

        George I am going to assume you are a straight white male scared of losing the privilege/advantage you have been afforded for being born that way.

        Loving someone and being happy is not an excuse…and it is no reason to change. God made us in HIS image, so he made gay people.


  3. Great Post!

    You forgot to mention that the blogger also exploits her children by 1) plastering them all over her site and 2) she a hypocrite by saying “Let’s let our children be children. Don’t include them in your efforts to create a politically correct stance.” and then doing the exact same thing.


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      Thanks! I couldn’t bring up her sharing of her children on her blog because I’d be a hypocrite if I did that. My Henry is everywhere here and on my social pages. I also used him to prove my point that children will remain innocent even in when you bring them with you to celebrate Pride with your family. 🙂


  4. Dave says:

    She didn’t say anything about hating queers. Her money, her right. Why are lgbt bloggers always reading more into what’s actually there


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      First, I’m just a blogger…no label required although I am an ally.

      Second, where did I say she hated anyone?

      And third, if you actually read my blog I also said it’s her money and nothing I said was going to change her mind. I did say I take issue with her choice of words in stating her choices.


  5. st says:

    I appreciate your openness in sharing your opinion.Here is my take on your comments.

    As someone who use to self identify as a lesbian, I know that being gay is a choice not for some people, but for every person. An example would be if I prefer chocolate ice cream over orange sherbet, Well, if someone put rat poison in the chocolate ice cream and i knew about it although I might really, really, prefer chocolate ice cream I’m not going to eat it because I know it is not in my best interest. As a Christian God has told me that he does not want me to be with another woman (in the bible and through my personal relationship with him) and because I trust God and know that he only has my best interest at heart I follow him without question, because he knows things that I don’t. So I prayed and asked him to remove that urge and because he is such a loving father he did. That is my personal testimony.

    Don’t get me wrong I still have many friends who identify as gay that I love dearly.
    If the woman who wrote the blog is a true christian, she will be teaching her kids to love everyone regardless of their differences.

    When Christians speak of the world influencing morals and values of our youth and kids, I cannot speak for her, but for me it means society bombards us with the very things that the bible teaches strongly against, it is a constant battle to stay true to Gods word and avoid things that are displeasing to God because those things are around us every day, selfish ambition, lying, adultery, greed, cussing etc. Especially, in the media ‘How to get away with murder’, really? The bible says I should not lie or murder. You just don’t have to look very far to see how anti-God Hollywood is.

    I certainly don’t believe that by being around gay people someone could turn gay however, it could make someone want to forget what they have read in the bible with their own eyes or not speak up and share what they believe because of peer pressure. And friends do influence each other, so if you want to know what things you are more willing to try or accept just look at your friends.

    People wanting to stand for their Christian values has absolutely nothing to do with people of color being discriminated against. The bible teaches that we are to not only love one another, but to forgive each other for our short comings 70×7. In fact if people truly followed the bible, I would be much better off than I am now living in this country as an African-American.

    Unfortunately, many people try to use Christianity as a platform to espouse their bigotry and hate for people who are not like them. If you read the bible, you will find that these people are not Christians at all. You will know a true Christian by their fruits (love for other people).

    The beautiful thing about the God that I serve and believe in is that he gives everyone free will, you can chose not to believe in him, not to believe in the bible, or even to be gay he loves us all the same because we are all his children gay, straight, black, white, drunk or sober. He loves us, but hates sin because it destroys peoples lives.


  6. Andrew says:

    I’m a Catholic convert, so I’m not about bible verses. But, I will say that the likelihood that you were in a state of grace to understand what was being taught to you can only be answered by your conscience. The closer we grow to God the more we see our imperfections, so there might be a possibility of low light in your teenage years when teenagers think they know everything. That was the case for me at least. It just makes me sad when people walk away from the Catholic Church because it is mainstream and because the church has taught difficult teachings from day one. Jesus doesn’t say blessed are the persecuted for nothing. Homosexuality was socially acceptable then, and christians paid the price for their beliefs then, too. I just wouldn’t be too quick to think that promoting homosexuality is progressing society, but then again you are not me. I wish you the best on your spiritual journey. God is love, and God loves you no more or less than me or Joe Smith. Thankfully, it’s Catholic teaching that you cannot say you love God if you don’t love your neighbor. I love you and everyone, because we as people are all God’s creation. Lofty, but possible with grace.


  7. Mark says:

    What concerns me is the threatening pressure that the LGBT community applies to nearly every established institution, and will go to extreme measures to force others to comply. Yes, some are born this way, but if their websites are honest many say they moved that way for easy access to sex; some from experimenting in youth from curiosity alone. If you read their manifesto, their goal is no sexual restrictions, including pedophilia. The activists who push their agenda, work toward their goals in their lavender curtain. It is proudly out there to be read. Most gays are not like this, but neither are they the ones, but there activists partners are aggressively on the move. It is the obligation of all civilized peoples to protect the innocence of children. The world will rob them of that yes, but just because adult gays like to sexually pleasure themselves does not give them the right to rob children of their own rights to be what they are -children.


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      Ok, since when are equal civil rights “to extreme measures to force others to comply?” It’s not. Asking to have the same rights and privileges in a First World country should be a given FOR ALL, not some….it what makes North America “Free”.

      Also not some but ALL are born that way.

      Would you CHOOSE to be a Black Person in the 1950s? Why would you think that a gay person would CHOOSE to be persecuted by bigoted people now? To be treated like 2nd, 3rd class citizens? To be targeted, told they are not right and an abomination before God? Think about that for a minute.

      There is no more “easier access” to sex in the LGBTQ community than there is in the straight community, that is a myth.

      And where is this “gay manifesto” you speak of? Cause I have been an ally my entire life practically, and I will bet on my beautiful child that no such document exists.

      You are also perpetuating the myth that gay = pedophile….yep no link exists.

      Now can a gay person BE a pedophile…sure, because it is a psychiatric disorder, and pedophilia is actually more prominent with heterosexual men praying on young girls.

      Making children more open to differences doesn’t rob them of their childhood it makes them better humans.


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