Stop the BS and Celebrate Canada, eh!


There is so much wrong with this meme I have seen going around Facebook that I had to post the facts.

First, it was Stephen Harper’s Conservative government who chose the logo and flag for our 150th Anniversary. It was unveiled before the election in 2015!

And just so everyone knows there was a logo created and used for merchandise and flags for Canada’s 100th designed by Stuart Ash. He was interviewed by the CBC and he surprisingly wasn’t too crazy about the new design which is odd since it is very similar to his own.

Also, the Canadian flag as we know it was pushed through by Lester B. Pearson’s Liberal government 50 years ago because they wanted a flag that was distinctly Canadian, unlike the Conservatives who wanted to continue ties to the British. The men and woman who died for “our freedom” as the meme suggests didn’t do so for the flag as we see it today. The wars where our freedoms, or life as we know, may have been in jeopardy are WWI and WWII.  All other wars we went as Peace Keepers – as in keeping the peace in those countries, or we went in support of our allies; there was no direct threat to us. In fact, the only time Canada has ever really been under attack is the War of 1812 and we weren’t even Canada then, we were a part of Britain…So this meme is not factual at all!

This is not a partisan thing, it is common during celebratory years to create a flag (and merchandise) to commemorate. It’s not done to disgrace, it actually shows thought considering our 100th anniversary flag. It’s a modernized version of it.

The controversy over this is silly and just meant to divide when we should be celebrating and PROUD not only of our beautiful country, but the young Canadian student who put a lot of thought into her design. Who is FREE to be creative and share her creativity in our diverse country.

So STOP the BULLSHIT for a couple of days…grab a beer (or drink of choice), get with family and friends, eat a beavertail, have a BBQ, watch some fireworks and celebrate Canada Day, eh!

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