Random Thought: Who is the Buffy Starlet in the Joss Whedon Affair?

A few weeks ago, a guest blog penned by the wife of my ultimate favorite writer, producer, director Joss Whedon appeared everywhere online outlining his disgusting treatment of his wife, including multiple affairs and exposed him as a feminist fraud.

I had a hard time with it, for so many varying reasons; from curiosity to disgust, to disbelief. Not that I didn’t believe Kai, I did. My issue with it all was I couldn’t reconcile how the man who created, in my opinion, one of the strongest, strategic thinking, complex, female character’s who carried an entire “universe” for almost a decade could be “that guy”. And it wasn’t just the character of Buffy, but almost all of the female characters on that show were kick ass, strong women.

And I now had to separate the man from his art, which was/is hard because he made sure it was so entwined.

In my process of doing this I also let my nosy curiosity take over and the sleuth in me started to wonder…who was the “beautiful, needy, aggressive young” woman on the set of Buffy that he had an affair with? And then I proceed to give it far too much thought; so of course I have to share my speculations in order of probability*:

Note: I am going to rule out Kristine Sutherland and Robia Brett LaMorte as they are around Joss’ age

Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn):

That would not be an affair it would be child molestation.

Michelle was a young teen when she joined Buffy in Season 5 and she did a LOT of whining back then and screaming and she was just…ugh. But “ugh” in a way that little sisters are “ugh” so we loved her anyway and for that reason alone and the threat of jail time I think is a big no go zone!

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy):

Sarah had been around Hollywood/New York Entertainment scene since she was a young child, she knew what was up and she was not playing that. She was a sought after actress so she did not need to be validated by a first time TV showrunner.

Also, Joss may be a pig but he is obvi not stupid enough to risk getting his ass handed to him by a woman who knew Tae Kwon Do and could put a stake through the heart of his show by walking away if he crossed the line.

Alyson Hannigan (Willow):

While beautiful, she is not aggressive and also too self aware and smart to be manipulated by Joss’ power. Now that I know who he is, she would intimidate him and she has far to many physical similarities to his wife. But the biggest reason Alyson can’t be the affair women is he wouldn’t risk her talking about it in one of her “Band Camp” stories.

Amber Benson (Tara):
Similar to Alyson, she doesn’t fit the description. Also, Amber is a known feminist and he wouldn’t risk outing himself. She may have played mild mannered Tara, but Amber is a beautiful force to be reckoned with.
Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia):

She was originally my first suspect, only because she went from Buffy to Angel and I thought Joss may have “favoured” her.

But I ruled her out because she is/was very secure in her sexuality and didn’t strike me as “needy”. And while all of these women are forces Charisma packs an extra punch and would eat Joss alive and not break a nail.

Emma Caulfield (Anya):

She definitely fits the beautiful description, I can’t really see Joss attempting to manipulate her. And while she wasn’t as known prior to her role as Anya and within a good age range at the time, I find it highly unlikely due to other “evidence”. Also, after playing an ex-revenge demon for so long she probably picked up a few tricks that would scare him off.

Eliza Dushku (Faith):

I think we have a winner here folks and I will state my case.

She was young, beautiful and experiencing her sexuality for the first time away from home. There is also a story where Joss felt the need to do a “career intervention” with her because she was doing too many horror movies (SMG was doing the same at the time, but received no such attention) and thus Dollhouse became their project.

She was missing from the 20th Anniversary reunion that included Wesley who was a far less important character on Buffy. And according to Kai, Joss had already confessed to her at this point about the affair as they had been secretly separated for sometime. Could the decision not to include her have been to keep the peace?

I also noticed how over sexualized Eliza’s characters were in Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse – almost like he was leaving Easter eggs that he wanted us to find.  Like the creepy Mayor/Faith relationship storyline…ew.

Last point, Eliza has a thing for older men, gorgeous, delectable older men. So Joss fits part of that MO being…well …older.

Also if I look back to Eliza then (not now) I think she was a prime target for him. She was just legal and starting her career as an adult which an idiot would say that is needy, her outgoing personality could be misinterpreted by an insecure male as aggressive and there is no denying she is beautiful.

What do you think?

*Please note: This is just me sharing my crazy random thoughts on this. I understand these are real people involved with real feelings and my intention is not to hurt them. I did this to make light of what a lot of people are wondering when it comes to the affair revelation.

Who he actually had an affair with is none of my business, and honestly if it is or isn’t one of these women it doesn’t effect how much I love them or their work on the show. As far as anyone knows he could have had an affair with the caterer.

I also applaud these women for not making any public statements about this. I don’t see it as protecting him, I see it as protecting each other and the legacy of strong women they built together. This post was purely for entertainment purposes.

75 thoughts on “Random Thought: Who is the Buffy Starlet in the Joss Whedon Affair?

  1. Jay says:

    Omg, Yes! When you said Eliza I was like YASSS. I know Im a little late to the party, but this has def been nibbling at my brain.
    Apparently when she was asked why she didn’t attend the anniversary event she said something like “because you have to be invited for something like that”…
    Super cheeky.
    Im on board. Once again, Faith is guilty.
    (Still a smokeshow, tho…)


      • Anonymous says:

        Eliza Dushku seems obvious choice. She seems like the type that could happily cheat Mrs.Whedon. But I would be very surprised if there wasn’t more than just her. And while I kind of agree with your analysis, I still feel that Charisma Carpenter is real choice.

        Though I wouldn’t be surprised if he slept with all of them, though I don’t think SMG would herself be into it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to get her.

        As a man I know how men work. And someone who has given up to his temptations enough as Whedon would have given up if she was with Dushku, then anything is possible.

        Though I have no idea if he just took advantage of the situation, there are always tons of girls/women trying to get ahead using sex, or if he actually manipulated the situation. There is huge difference between these situations.

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    • Sarah says:

      I agree I think it’s Eliza just because look at the pictures online of Joss and Eliza they look so happy together they look like they’re a couple and they look like they’re flirting and they look like they’re really into each other too it looks very inappropriate!


  2. No none of these women fit the description. The women he most likely had sex with were pop up side characters that were in one or a few episodes and then were gone. Like the Julia Lee or Shonda Farr. And in the first or second season you probably wouldn’t find any affairs cause the show wasn’t as popular until season three and later.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Eliza wasn’t a regular cast member. That’s why she wasn’t part of the reunion. She also wasn’t up and coming. She had been working since she was a kid. When she came on as Faith she was in college and not interested in fulltime acting. She likes older men that look like George Clooney. Joss is not her type. She’s outgoing but she wasn’t needy. I think it was the chick who played Tara’s sister in Family. I still think it was Charisma. I think they may have been having an affair. I think when she got pregnant she broke it off with him so he wrote her out and the dramatic change in his writing talent reflects his anger. He has Cordelia fvck the baby she had just been changing diapers for 3 months earlier?? Then give birth to a demon that kills her? I think he probably also banged Leila, Summer Glau, the red head that Wesley hooked up with when he was pretending to be Angel and probably that lady who played the electric girl.


      • May depend on the year that the 15 years of affairs is dated from, if dated from the separation in 2012 the first affair would have be in 1997. oh well if I’m gonna start nit picking. When Eliza Dushku started on Buffy she was two months away from her 18th birthday so suppose an affair began after 18th birthday when an affair may, or may not have taken place, aged 18 an affair would have been a tad more acceptable, well not really. James Doohan’s last girlfriend was 17 when they fell madly deeply in love, 18 when she married him, Errol Flynn liked ’em a bit younger at age 16. The book titled Bite Me page 189 paragraph four states that Miss Dusku appears to be the oldest in the gang on the show, at 18 she is actually the youngest actor there – relevance of this is that if I took a 17 going 18 year old girl out to dinner I’d very much want folk assume that the girl was in her mid 20’s.
        Anyway going back to if the first affair is dated to 1997 I’d place my money on Robia La Morte who was 23, 24? at the time which still counts as young. Plus I’ve seen the youtube interview of herself and a friend when they were working as dancers for Prince in his Diamond and Pearl tour. Certainly not the Jenny Calender I know. Also on the Buffy show ever noticed that in some of her episodes the script writers have Xander and Buffy being quite hostile to Jenny Calender?

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      • buttle540btinternetcom says:

        and for my bad grammar. lets write it again: I’d want to apologise for and retract the sentence “if I took a 17 going 18 year old girl out to dinner ..”because it sounds so callous. It was written tongue in cheek but the written word does’nt convey the tone of voice. I apologise for what I wrote.

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      • Your problem is definition of ‘regular cast’ someone may be regular but not seen that way. And give versa for instance you included Amber Benson who was recurring but for several seasons but only main cast for her final episode. Whereas the actual guilty party was a season regular for only one season. The actress in question is Claire Kramer. Your assessment in Eliza has one flaw Hollywood affairs do not wind up with a new show (dollhouse) this happens when the director of writer wants to score but once they have scored the actress gets dropped quickly much like poor Claire and her GLORY character who was supposed to be the big bad in season 7 as well (one of several to justify an army of slayers). Suddenly she was unavailable? Her 2002-2003 work schedule was not exactly busy and notice all other actresses mentioned appear in series 7??


    • Mañuel Laver says:

      Julia Lee occurred to me immediately: young, very pretty, given just enough work that it made a difference to her life at the time but didn’t distort what they were trying to do/wanted to do/had the resources to do with the series.

      My first assumption: Whedon comes from an Hollywood family, and would know almost instinctively not to majorly foul where he eats.


  3. Steve says:

    So if you cheat on your wife you cant be a feminist? Out of all the shows and movies he has created, many with female leads, has anyone said anything negative about him?

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    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      It’s not the cheating that makes people question is sincerity as a feminist it’s the details attached to it.

      It’s how he presented himself as someone who lifts up women in public, but he was slowly tearing one down in private.

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      • I don’t want to condone what he did — he cheated on his wife and that puts doubt on his feminism — but how does having an affair with a younger woman necessarily tear her down? The woman he had the affair with may be as guilty as he is. If it was consensual, then she was betraying Whedon’s wife, too.


      • totalrandomthoughts says:

        Sorry, I misunderstood your comment.

        It’s an imbalance of power, but I do believe it was mutual. It does keep her at a disadvantage though.

        I was also just speculating and using humour.


    • ProFemininity says:

      Depends on what you mean by feminist. Do you mean the adjective that 95% of people use of actions that supposedly are pro females, or actual feminism ideology. Lets focus on the latter, I would say that most men that express themselves as feminists are selfish cheating bastards. The whole ideology is rotten through the core, women perhaps can subconsciously convince themselves to the goodness of that ideology because they benefit from it, but men who do it are doing it knowingly. Perhaps gay people and people that have been top of the hierarchy since childhood can be exceptions.

      I loved Buffy because it was pro femininity, at least mostly. Feminism however isn’t pro femininity, it’s against both femininity and masculinity. And I’m not talking about the appearance but the sacred feminine/masculine aspects. We desperately need both sacred feminine and sacred masculine attributes to our world.


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      I read that she came forward recently. I think that builds more of a case and could also be why she’s attracted to older men.

      But I’m just speculating. It could very well be Charisma.


      • I agree Eliza seems like a winner (winner?) as you well exposed. But just two thoughts… 1. The rumours about joss getting mad when Charisma got pregnant and firing her from Angel 2. Joss affirmation of Amber being the most beautiful woman on set cause she was a real woman…
        Those 2 things made me include them in the affairs’ maybe…

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  4. Lauren says:

    I absolutely think you’re right on that one (plus, she had already been molested by someone on the set of True Lies and so more susceptible).

    But, I will mention that if you really go back and look at JW’s work, it’s not all that feminist. Seen in a modern light, Buffy, although strong, was constantly preoccupied with changing herself for some man or other. He uses sexual assault in creepy ways several times in Buffy.

    Then, Dollhouse, one of the characters is literally a woman who said no to a man, was kidnapped by said man (who is very rich), her mind was wiped and he then “orders” her every week so he can rape her over and over. And her “revenge” is something like punching him. And in the end, things go back to “normal” (i.e. he continues to get to rape her on a weekly basis). Oh, and the first episode, these people are so brilliant they can reprogram people like computers and yet they don’t know the guy who rents one of their women is a serial killer?

    I’m sorry if this is upsetting, but I realized he wasn’t a feminist a long time ago when I started rewatching the series. I made excuses for a long time (doubting my instincts based on the common refrain of JW as a feminist), but I finally couldn’t do it any more.

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    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      Oh. My. God.

      I’m so blind! You are 100% right. I just missed it. Maybe because I was starving for female leads and stories Centers around us without us needing to be rescued that I didn’t really notice.

      Great catch.

      Side note: I’m going to re-watch Dollhouse now.


    • She had been molested when young so that made her more susceptible. Susceptible to what? More susceptible to having consensual affairs when she was an adult? I doubt it! What evidence is there that Wedon’s affair or affairs weren’t consensual? It is possible to have an affair with a woman without molesting or abusing her. No one has complained about him, so I figure they had no problem with the affair. Sure, sure, he was an arsehole to cheat on his wife, but that doesn’t mean he has abused or molested actresses.


    • Matt says:

      Whedon constantly grants named characters an elite status not found in minor characters of the same demographic, and I’m not just talking about survivability like in most tv and movies. Best example because it exists in the hypothetical – Spike, Harmony and Clem from BtVS completely undermine the blanket characterization of demons as evil. Whedon did eventually pick up on this and instead of continuing adding nuance to this fictional demographic – he tries and fails to undo this intelligent character-driven nuance (that is his calling card) with the horrible scene where Spike tries to rape Buffy – and then is sort of clueless as to what happened and has regret – leading him to do things that would result in getting his soul back. But why would he bother if he was actually evil? It damages the character of Spike and it further damages the suspension of disbelief that demons are evil. It’s just terrible backtracking to justify an ideological distinction between core characters and everyone else. Why? My only conclusion is that such characters are there for tokenism, not nuance.


    • Danielle says:

      About your quote… “Seen in a modern light, Buffy, although strong, was constantly preoccupied with changing herself for some man or other.”
      Just a little side note on “Buffy” the character, If she had been a perfect equilibrated woman with no flaws, no insecurities, she would have been a very dull “character” for a tv show. To make her interesting doesn’t make him more or less feminist, and also don’t forget he was not the only writer on the show. Just an opinion!


  5. Atomic Noogie says:

    Honestly I think Whedon just does stories that interest him, it’s just he gets more hits than misses, I doubt he thinks deeply about making a feminist show, he just goes around making shows which he thinks is interesting and it just so happens his shows have strong female leads. But as stated, he loves to put some sort of abuse in the shows which is pretty evident in Buffy and Dollhouse. Buffy and Spike’s relationship is abusive in both sides. Even in Angel, the Cordelia/Connor thing… I get it’s a re-write due to Charisma getting pregnant but it didn’t have to go there…


    • Brenda says:

      I think jw uses his position against young actors wanting to go whatever it takes to obtain a career. It is the “directors couch” still in effect.


  6. NeenerNeener says:

    Coming in late to say I’ve always wondered about Greenwalt and Carpenter. He never made any secret of his admiration for her on the dvd commentaries, and he lobbied to move her to Angel when Joss was planning on sending her to college with the rest of the Scoobies for Season 4 of Buffy. Also, about the same time she came back to Angel in Season 4 he left the show for good. The whole thing just never looked right.

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  7. NeenerNeener says:

    Another thought. If you expand the “cast” to include anyone who appeared on multiple episodes then you expand Whedon’s dating pool to the actresses who played Druscilla, Darla, Harmony, Amy and Veruca. I would hope Landau and Benz would have known better, since Landau has family in the biz and I think Benz was married to another actor at the time, but I wouldn’t be surprised at any or all of the other three.

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  8. NeenerNeener says:

    I’m now doing an Angel re-watch, and using the “appeared in multiple episodes” criteria we can include Elizabeth Rohm and Stephanie Romanov. Suddenly Rohm’s career will make all kinds of sense to a lot of former TWoP posters.


      • NeenerNeener says:

        Just one last note; you’re all definitely on to something with Dushku.
        If she partied as hard as she claims she did during her Buffy-Angel-Tru Calling days, then the odds that she got stupid with Whedon at least once are huge.

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      • totalrandomthoughts says:

        No “one last note” I’m loving all the dialogue! Keep it coming! It’s making me feel like I’m not the only one analyzing and re-analyzing everything! When I wrote this I was in the middle of my 100th round of re-watching Buffy and I started Angel again.


  9. NeenerNeener says:

    It’s interesting that most of what we know about this is what Whedon mansplained to his wife and she announced to the world. None of the actresses who worked with Whedon have really had anything bad to say about him. Why? Does he hand out Trump-style NDAs? Are they worried about being black-balled like Mira Sorvino? Is Whedon powerful enough that he could trash their careers if they #metoo-ed? Was it all (or mostly all) consensual and his partners don’t feel used? Until someone actually comes forward I guess we have to assume that Whedon is personable enough and the Mutant Enemy residual checks are big enough that no one on his casting couch has any complaints.


  10. If the thing was consensual, what the hell would Gelar’s martial arts skills have to do with it? Or a need to be validated. Sometimes men and women — yes even older men and younger women — have affairs and enjoy it. There is not always any exploitation. It is rather interesting that noone has complained. This is not to say he is justified on cheating on his wife, but the assumption he abused his power doesn’t necessarily follow. And was Dushku a regular on the series? She hadn’t done enough episodes to be invited.


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      When you have a man in a position of power over you in both age and position it can and has been said to fall under abuse, thus #MeToo. And if you were actually listening to women instead of telling us what constitutes consent then you wouldn’t be arguing this point with me.


      • SketchArtiste says:

        “When you have a Man in a position of power…’ Sooo…Women in positions of power are immune to similar transgressions? Love this blog but I’m seriously late to it. This probably does;t involve Whedon but I was damn suspicious of why they needed to work Dushku into the plot via 5-7 minutes of running back and forth just to show us her cleavage. Not really subtle. 😉


    • totalrandomthoughts says:

      I’m not the one singling them out. Joss and his ex-wife stated the show the affair was on…these were the actresses on that show and I’m giving my opinion on who it could be…which I’m entitled to do.

      They are public figures. It was a public story, I am part of the public and I’m speculating. If you have an issue with that you are free to write your own piece on my speculation.


  11. You may have seen different information than I have, but I have nothing that says he had an affair or affairs with actresses on Buffy or Angel. Here is the wifes statement as I’ve seen it:

    “The female stars of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aren’t commenting on the recent cheating accusations brought against Joss Whedon by his ex-wife, Kai Cole, in a recent scathing guest column. In the column, Cole wrote that Whedon revealed to her several affairs with “beautiful, needy, aggressive young women” during their 16-year marriage.” But the stories aren’t consistent. On a number of occasions she talks of years of abuse with his having had affairs with, “his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends.”

    The first of these affairs was supposed to have happened during the filming of Buffy, but there was no mention that it was with a Buffy actress.

    Now let’s just touch on another point you raise: “When you have a man in a position of power over you in both age and position it can and has been said to fall under abuse,”

    When there is a situation where one person (and it may be a female boss) is in a position of power over someone they are having an affair with that is a cause for concern and something to naturally be uneasy about. It is something to be wary about, but it may not necessarily always be abuse. It is only abuse if the discrepancy in power is used to abuse. I don’t think it automatically falls under abuse. Sure, it is a situation that is ripe for abuse, perhaps, but not one where abuse is automatic.

    I do believe that some of the speculation is wrong just because it is nothing but speculation and that the speculation about Dushku is absurd. Take this:

    “Just one last note; you’re all definitely on to something with Dushku.
    If she partied as hard as she claims she did during her Buffy-Angel-Tru Calling days, then the odds that she got stupid with Whedon at least once are huge.”

    So if a woman parties hard she must be immoral, eh? And the odds that she got “stupid’ with Whedon at least once are huge? Can’t you see how distasteful and sick that is? And if she got “stupid” once” what has that got to do with the supposed years of infidelity?

    The actresses themselves seem almost to dismiss the allegations.


    And why are so many of his actresses and their husbands (Hannigan, Acker, etc) such great friends of his?


  12. Emily says:

    I think you’re right in regards to Eliza though I think some of your reasonig was flawed. Michelle Tratchenberg was significantly younger, so much so it rules her out. SMG was in the right age range, but in the early years of Buffy there were rumours about her and David Boreanaz (reportedly one of the reasons his first marriage broke down) and in later years there was Freddie Prince Jnr. Alyson Hannigan (and Alexis Denisof) are god parents to his and Kai’s children, which I don’t think would happen wih a woman you are having an affair with. He only hired Amber Benson reluctantly and she was in a relotionship with Adam Busch for years….Charisma is a definite possibility, but she was infamously fired when she got pregnant in season four of Angel. Also she’s five or so years older than the others and I am pretty sure she was married for a brief period. So if it happened I believe it was fairly early on. Meanwhile Eliza Dushku was younger than the others, but not so young it would have been illegal. Definitely troubled as we now know (horrible, disgusting people in the world). Isolated (emancipated herself to work on Buffy) and they had an on-going relationship that lasted years after Buffy but has cooled a lot in recent years, which coincides with her getting sober and moving back to Boston. From the instant the headline hit, it felt like Eliza.

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  13. Chrys says:

    My first thought was Mercedes McNabb and C. Carpenter. Maybe because the Playboy pics denotes a sort of career desperation that lends itself to poor decisions. Or maybe because they kept getting screen time in spite of being really poor actors….


    • Jay Hughes says:

      Along with Clare Kramer I’d agree Mercedes Mcnab is more a favourite than Eliza. I had a huge Crush on Eliza when she was faith and on being it on and I remember the new internet days rumours of the time being she was gay in in a relationship with an older woman. (Of course this has never been confirmed and quickly forgotten as the web grew) could of been a clever rumour to avoid ‘an affair’ going public. Although with her drug and drinking and the molestation this rumour still holds weight.
      I somehow just think Eliza was to messed up to carry out a sustained affair. Also she has never been described as whiny whereas both Kramer and Mcnab are known as whiny divas hence why they were only ever cast in supporting roles


  14. Anonymous says:

    I have a cousin who works in Hollywood doing cast work and some kind of studio support. They say rumors fly all the time. Apparently the one about Eliza is true, or so she says. There is also a rumor of a drunken one night stand between SMG and Joss around season 5ish or 6.


  15. I find some of the comments quite disturbing to be honest! Eliza is “more susceptible because she was abused when she was a minor”?! That is *harsh* in my opinion, far harsher than it is intended – I know people mean no harm… but abuse victims have enough emotional fallout (“did I ask for it? do I attract it? am I damaged goods now?”) without people openly presuming it makes them weak. Very harmful… and not very feminist, either. I’m not trying to be harsh, I know you all mean well, I just think it’s important to be really careful with stuff like that. I also don’t believe that feminists are not allowed to have unhealthy relationships. Your beliefs on social, political and economic equality do not make you immune to being dysfunctional as an individual.

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    • Alice in Wonderland says:

      Except being sexually abused as a child does lead to promiscuity most often in the late teens or early twenties and at times even later than that. It doesn’t make her a horrible person or someone who should be bashed for it, because abuse changes a person.

      As far as it not being abuse for a consensual affair that is true except in cases of one person having power to fire the other person. If a woman has an affair with a subordinate she is guilty of abusing her power in the same way as a man is guilty if it. Having a boss who pursues or fosters an inappropriate relationship is extremely unnerving to most people. Even if she decided to consent to it that doesn’t mean she was completely okay with the situation. I have a male friend who was pursued and coerced into a sexual encounter with his boss. She didn’t come out and say he would be fired if he refused, but it was implied. He needed the job to help with college expenses, so he endured her vile behavior until the first opportunity to get out of the situation.

      He could have had an affair with a writer, an actress, or any number of other jobs held by a woman on the show. Having a reunion without the actress who portrayed Faith seems odd to me, but it could have simply been a conflict with scheduling. The fact that someone is the God parents of a couple’s children does not mean there was no affair or bad behavior. If his wife didn’t know then certainly their friends and outsiders also did not know. One of my former best friends had an affair with my ex and I am still considered an aunt by her children. They aren’t responsible for their mother’s bad behavior or the behavior of my ex.

      I am leaving one comment in response to two different posters.


    • Thomas says:

      I agree… just because one had an affair with Joss it must be a weak person who got manipulated by him?
      Says who?
      Give women a little more credit.
      The worst thing you can probably say about Joss is he’s not perfect either. What a shock, the creator of shows with some of the most human characters in them is just human himself.


  16. Brenda says:

    I was not aware of any sexual abuse where Eliza was concerned. I was looking att the various series she was in that had something to do with jw and how she has not really done anything after that which is noteworthy.


  17. Ann says:

    I was always annoyed with Josh Whedon and his super-feminist Buffy creation (was it really?). Mostly because I’ve heard a few times that Xander equals Josh. And to me Xander is not a nice guy and deffinetly not a feminist-friendly (he was a nerdy womanizer, weirdly conflicted and very needy). Comparing to JW image it always felt so incoherent to me… and here we are, years later.

    As for a “who?” question… if JW perceived himself as Xander it could be Faith (virginity loss), Cordelia (longterm GF) or Anya (longterm GF). As to the potential benefits (I think he was providing gratifications that’s why nobody said anything and it went for years):

    – Faith got a recurring role (later Dollhouse), she was an outsider on Buffy (easier pray) and was somehow naive (her relation to Mayor was weird, maybe that’s how JW put his fixation in words);

    – initially Cordelia (same as Spike) wasn’t supposed to last and years later went to Angel’s spin-off (so she couldn’t compromize him after they broke, but still got employed / buzzy). I think it wasn’t her – she got to know JW when he was just a wannabe producer, and I remeber even Marsters said she had this Cordelia vibes that made him distant from her (they met later during another tv project and he was ashamed of being superficial on Buffy).

    – Anya got a recurring role (unexpectedly?); she was written as sexualy aggressive (it fits JW description), and had intercourse with Xander, Spike or even Giles (kiss). So if Josh perceived himself as a pray/victim (what a hypocryte) of needy actresses – Anya’s desctiption could be telling. And she was casted rather late so it also fits – easier pray, I imagine that Josh wasn’t like this at the beginnig, and others would probably notice change in the behaviour with actress that played in Buffy from a very beginning (thus: not Cordelia).

    I think this Xander’s approach makes sense, I’ve even heard that JW wanted for him to end up with Buffy (s7, the master and his creation – I mean: come on… what was he thinking?). I think JW played his fantasies through Xander. Maybe one became a real thing (when he became a big producer).

    PS. Sorry for my english, I’m not native (obv.).


  18. Okay, this is years later… but I have to assume that it could be anyone other than Eliza Dushku. Eliza has now spoken out about two different situations where she was sexualised. It feels like that, if it were her, she’d have zero issues with calling Joss out too.


  19. M says:

    Late to the party, because of the CC news story. Faith seems obvious, Charisma too since they both got spinoffs, but their characters are sort of slut shamed from day one by the writers, and he might not want that if he was getting busy with them. My mind went to Fred. She’s a bit Mary Sueish, gets male attention without being seen as a floozy, and they killed the character but kept the actress. But again, that’s all I’m basing it on. I realize these are humans and I know nothing about them.


    • Nemo says:

      I could definitely see Amy Acker as one of them as well as Duzku. Whedon seemed to have a type he liked, thin brunettes, and Acker and Duzku look very similar, as well as Michelle T who said that Whedon acted inappropriately towards her when she was under-aged, and that it got to the point where he wasn’t allowed to be alone in a room with her.
      Acker also went to “Dollhouse,” was the lead in Whedon’s adaption of “Much Ado about Nothing,” and also did some “Agents of Shield.” She certainly seemed like a pet or favorite.


  20. Sarah says:

    I agree I think it’s Eliza just because look at the pictures online of Joss and Eliza they look so happy together they look like they’re a couple and they look like they’re flirting and they look like they’re really into each other too it looks very inappropriate!


  21. JKFWoods says:

    Joss Whedon is a self appointed narcissist dressed as a feminist who thought only of himself while being abusive towards women. He fired Charisma Carpenter for getting pregnant and didn’t really give her more than a second thought in Your Welcome on Angel.

    I am going to try to download as many episodes as possible because I loved the acting, and I have always suspected his inappropriateness towards the female actresses and staff including stunt women based on people
    Who were quickly fired without cause. That and the leering look he gives Michelle Trachtenberg in a photo on Wikipedia if it’s still there where his arm is wrapped around her and how uncomfortable she looks. I was abused by a director from 9-14 and kept silent for years and am pretty good at pointing out when a director, producer, etc… is overly involved with a co-worker.

    Consenting or not a director or producer has the authority to cut you from a play, television shot or film and that power is great because if you speak out and don’t have any proof and you are new to the industry you can become blackballed and you won’t even be a thought let alone an afterthought in someone’s mind. I don’t think that an affair with someone who is older than you and knows how to manipulate you is completely consensual and if my family sees this they won’t understand what I am about to say but any affair with a director or producer with that much clout is the same as with the Lewinsky affair with Bill Clinton and all the other affairs in Hollywood.

    I believe that it is difficult to understand unless you have been there.

    The director who did that to me had a girlfriend.

    My mom forced him to step down as director and the theater company shortly afterwards disbanded.

    I am not posting my first name for privacy reasons.


  22. NeenerNeener says:

    I’ve been looking at who commented on Charisma’s announcement about what a sh*t Whedon was to work for and who didn’t. I’m not seeing anything from Mercedes McNab yet, so based on Sherlock Holmes’ “the dog that didn’t bark” theory she could have been Whedon’s secret boo back when the show was in production.

    I like the theory here that Xander was a stand-in for Whedon himself, but that also makes me wonder if Spike was who Whedon wanted to be…the bookish nerd who became a bad boy and then eventually became a hero. And who was Spike’s girlfriend after Drucilla bailed on him? Harmony, Ms. McNab.


  23. Diana says:

    Let me just say his abusive attitude seem to go in all directions. I just read an article about how he was abusive to male actors too. The actor that played Cyborg and Aqua-man both came out… and apparently Spike too. He said that Joss was irate that fans like the character Spike and he got him against a wall one day and told him he didn’t care how fans like his he was dead. He just seems like a narcissist with anger issues.

    As for the affair… faith does sound like a good possibility. Charisma too…maybe that’s why he was so annoyed with her pregnancy? Also I’m curious about some of the vampire characters like Darla or Dru.


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