He’s 6! Where did time go?

What a whirlwind weekend! Our Bug turned 6 on Friday and it has been non-stop fun since he woke up.

As mentioned in my previous post, Henry had a rough year last year and a lot of our attention has been on Miles since we brought him home as he has GERD and we barely survived sever colic with him. But our little man, our first born has been amazing about it so I wanted to make sure he got the best celebration a little boy could ask for!

His day started as it does every year I created his birthday video to his “song” and we watched it as soon as he got up, he loved it and as always made me play it for him over and over.

I brought him McDonald’s for lunch at school, we went to Nana and Grumpy’s to get his Pajama present (He LOVES getting PJs as a gift from them and looks forward to it every year). We went to pick out a birthday cupcake and some last minute items for his party on Saturday, then it was home for BBQ hot dogs, his favourite.


On Saturday we went to the Anti-Gravity Acrosports for a high flying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed party with 13 of his closest friends. He had a blast and was actually so tuckered out that he didn’t get up fifty-eleven times after we put him to bed!


Sunday morning he got to play Super Mario and then the afternoon playing in the backyard with the neighbour.

When we put him to bed Sunday night he told us it was the best birthday ever, and that’s exactly what I was hoping for.

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