Episode 9 – Who Are We To Judge?

Same topics, same day, same judgement, aren’t we tired of it yet?

Go on any social media platform, Parenting blog comment section, sit in any park, heck breathe as a parent and you feel/hear those judging eyes and words. We have moved long past “helpful advice” and seem to permanently live in “You are an awful parent” when people don’t agree with your parenting choices.

To be clear, it is not a parenting choice to physically/emotionally or mentally abuse your children. It is not a parenting choice if your decision is putting your child or others at risk of harm. Which is probably why the topic of this week’s podcast causes such an uproar; the perception that you are harming your child by doing it.

What am I talking about? The cry it out method or CIO. And the parent judgement that comes flying at those of us who have used this type of sleep training is epic!

So let’s talk about it:

Episode 9 – Who Are We To Judge? Keeping #MomLife Real Podcast

Judging people's parenting choices seem to be on the rise and getting pretty vitriolic. A hot button topic that brings out the worst judgement is a sleep training method called cry it out or CIO and I'm gonna talk about it!  

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