About Me

I’m a Marketing Manager, social media enthusiast and mom. I’m an only child, who has amazing parents that I am very close with. I am walking TV Guide and I was an avid reader before kids.

I’m a long-winded proud Canadian girl who is obsessed with New York…like OBSESSED. (I would live there in a cardboard box if I didn’t have children who need the necessities of life like breastmilk, apple juice, Paw Patrol and Star Wars on repeat.)

I can be sarcastic and I am very opinionated, but I try my best to see both sides of things. I can be a total chatterbox and I’m basically an open book.

My kids are my world; I would spend every second with them if I could and I talk/post about them on social media…a lot!  Henry or #Henrybook I call a “Pina Colada in a coconut” because we “found him” in Cuba, and Miles aka #InstaMiles is my “midlife crisis” as I got baby fever at 40 and I now have a baby at 41.

I have gained and lost a lot of weight over the years, but now that I am done having kids I am ready to get serious about taking it off and keeping it off for my kids. I joined WW three weeks postpartum, got my gym membership back and re-signed up for BOD (for when I can’t get away from the kids and get to the gym) and I ready to rock this!

This is the place where I share my observations of the world, my life and sometimes vent my frustrations. So grab a glass of wine, coffee or whatever is your poison and have a laugh with me or at my expense, either way, you’re laughing so my job here is done.

You can also follow me on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TotalRandomMama/
Twitter: @TotalRandomMama
Instagram: TotalRandomMama

Note: I am not a BOD coach nor do I intend to be, I just love their at-home workouts.

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