Episode 4 – The “get your body back” mind trap

The media is so hyper-focused on our post-baby bodies that it is so hard not to buy into what they are selling. The whole notion of “get your body back” after pregnancy is BS for so many of us for many reasons be it exhaustion, genetics or you just don’t want to! In this week’s episode, I discuss my issues with this push to “get your body back” quickly or at all post-pregnancy and how I deal with the “get your body back” mind trap.

Episode 4 – The “get your body back” mind trap


Diary of a Working Mom: Finding a Healthier Me


I am going to be brutally honest, I am completely overweight and out of shape! I have been since I had my son. I was the girl at the gym 5-6 days a week on and off throughout my 20s and 30s and now I am the mom on the couch after a long day at work and doing “mom stuff”. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. I made the decision to put my kid, my family and my career first and the price was the expansion of my ass and stomach.

I like to pretend I’m OK with it, but I hate looking at myself in the mirror if it goes “Tits down”. I have Rubbermaid bins full of clothes that I swear I am going to fit back into if it kills me because I refuse to buy any more clothes at the size I am at. I used to love when my husband hugged me from behind and now I run away from it scared he will touch my flabby stomach or one day his arms just won’t fit around me anymore. Continue reading

Buh-Bye Bell


Buckle up babies, I know it has been awhile so this is going to be a LONG one!

So, Bell Canada fooled me good. Last year they convinced me to switch to them. They offered me more channels and unlimited Internet for less than what I was paying with Rogers. My Bill was going to go from about $140 plus taxes with Rogers to $118 plus taxes with bell for the “Better” package and Unlimited Internet.

All I had to do was sign a 2 year contract. I asked multiple times will I pay the same amount for the duration of the contract? I was assured again and again that the contract for services and equipment was for 2 years. I said “Sign me up” Continue reading