Diary of a Working Mom: Business Travel After Baby

The title of this blog may be a little bit misleading as I wouldn’t necessarily call travelling from Scarborough to Barrie “Business Travel” as it was literally an hour and 15 minute drive away. But I did have to stay overnight and it gave me an idea of how, we, as a family would handle it should my job require a small degree of travel again. And other than my gut wrenching guilt and missing the little monster, I think it went well.

I used to travel for work, A LOT. I was basically gone for a week every month, and I loved it. I got to stay on the Upper West Side of New York City steps away from Times Square and Broadway; so close I could feel the city breathing. In Chicago I experienced the best shopping on the “Mile”, the best deep dish pizza at Gino’s and Lou’s and the best blues at Buddy Guy’s. I was lucky enough to drink Hurricanes and Hand Grenades dancing up and down Bourbon St. in New Orleans until we closed it down and I went to Las Vegas so many times I think I stayed at almost every hotel on the strip. And I did it all for free; I got to stay in luxury hotels, eating at the best restaurant and the companies I worked for or the partners we worked with paid for it. Don’t get me wrong I worked very hard, but I played just as hard too.   Continue reading

New Orleans: So good it makes you wanna slap yo Mama!

Katrina Memorial on Convention Center Blvd

I’m not what anyone would call a world traveller; I’ve been to almost every state, across Canada and Cuba. Las Vegas is a good time if you can afford to go there between Thursday and Sunday, I long for the beach at Iberostar Varadero, and Savannah Georgia is breathtaking, rich with history and splendour, but New Orleans…Oh.My.Gawd! Not only is it tragically beautiful, the people completely hospitable but its one hell of a GREAT time!

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