General Hospital: Everyone is the love of this Mobsters Life!

Sonny Corinthos

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Let’s be honest, every single woman Sonny Corinthos Jr. is in a relationship with is for the most part referred to as “the love of his life” or “the only one who can save him/understand and accept him” or my personal favourite “the only one who makes him want to be a better man” and the next thing we know it’s like BAM who was she?

He changes his “hearts one true desire” so often I can’t keep up! Brenda Barrett was “the love of his life” the “one who got away”, yet we were served the same crap for Kate Howard, just a few years ago. And let’s not forget poor, sweet Emily (HURL – not at Emily, but at that pairing), she was “the one great love who makes him want to be a better person”. *insert me sticking my fingers down my throat! Continue reading