For the love of Ryan Gosling… SHUT IT!

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It took two recent trips to the movie theatre for me to remember why I don’t go to the movies anymore. Some people have no common courtesy, common sense and annoy the hell out of me!

My first trip to the theatre was opening weekend of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn. (For the record, I am not a Twihard, but I did read the books and thought they were an alright fluff read.)  Some of you may think I am crazy for going opening weekend, but there is a method to my obvious madness – I HATE being spoiled. I like to see for myself what scenes they chose to use from the books, what dress she wore, what songs were included etc.

We got there about 30 minutes before the movie started to make sure we got good seats, and there was little to no line-up. I thought to myself, this is a good sign…so wrong. By the time the trailers started the theatre was packed with people of all ages and sexes.

When the movie started I was blown away! Not by the opening sequence, but by the sheer RE-DONK-U-LOUSNESS of the people in the theatre! First, people were yelling out what they wanted “to do” to insert Vampire or Werewolf name here. You are not in your living room people, I don’t give a rats ass how hot you think he is.  I also hate to break it to you, but he is NOT your husband and no matter how many times you say it (OUT LOUD), it won’t make it true. Second, what part of turn your cell phones off did you NOT understand? And lastly, who takes PICTURES of the damn screen? I literally saw a girl stand up and her friend behind her took a picture of her in front of the screen so it “looked” like she was there with them. Have they not heard of the internet? There are plenty of better quality pictures there, use an online version of Photoshop and you would get much better results! It was crazy! In all seriousness, if I wanted to see stupidity I could have stayed home and watched Jersey Shore for free! What is wrong with these people?

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Close encounter with the “Starbucks Cougar Crew”

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It was raining in Toronto yesterday, a very miserable day; people were not in the best of moods, me included. So when I was heading to my local Starbucks to get my morning kick in the a$$ I encountered a woman walking in the middle of the parking lot, head down under her raincoat hood and umbrella. It was actually more like fast staggering, swerving from side to side, which is what happens when you aren’t really watching where you are going and just trying to stay dry.

I stayed a good distance behind her for a few seconds going about 10 km/h just inching along and when she started cutting to the left I went to go around her on the right. I was wrong, she darted back to the right and I stopped dead. I wasn’t upset with her, its freaking pouring out! I’m sitting in my dry car and I’m in no rush. She however, is getting soaked, so I was more than prepared to go at her pace, but I wanted to let her know I was behind her in case she decided to make any more sudden movements so I tapped my horn. When she turned around I smiled and waved at her and carried on driving towards the Starbucks at her pace. I parked my car and headed to the door, getting there before the woman so I held it open for her – she says nothing to me, No thank you, nothing. Continue reading