Episode 5 – My Favourite Things #Momlife Edition

In the spirit of Christmas, I am taking a page from The Sound of Music and I’m sharing my top 5 #MomLife “favourite things”. From diaper bags to teethers I run through the reasons why these are my must-haves.

Episode 5 – My Favourite Things #Momlife Edition

Products Mentioned in Podcast:

1. HapTim Diaper Bags

Grey Multifunctional Diaper Bag

HapTim Diaper Multifunction Diaper Bag (Grey)

Black Multifunctional Diaper Bag

HapTim Diaper Multifunction Diaper Bag (Black)

2. Baby Brezza One Step Food MakerBaby Brezza One Step

3. Kiddo Feedo Silicone Baby Food Storagekiddo-feedo-freezer-tray-orange

4. The trifecta of Teethers!

5. Zipadee-Zips Sleep Sacksnew_20fleece_20-_20helicopters_20zz_201_600x

I Admit it…I was wrong!

Henry's first day home

Meet Henry Jakob.

I know in my last post (over a year ago) I wondered if I was going to be pregnant forever – I can say with certainty that I am not an elephant and I did in fact give birth. And little Henry Jakob arrived 3 days early after 29 HOURS of crazy labour. (more on that in my next post)

Now I know it’s been well over a year, and not to make any excuses, but if you had the year I had you would completely understand. Having a kid throws your world into a tailspin (in a good and a bad way) every spare moment I got over the last 15 months was spent sleeping, showering, eating and maybe if I was lucky after little man went to bed at night I got to catch up on my beloved TV.

And not only that, but I was brain dead…no joke. I think if they did a scan before I had Henry and after I had Henry you would see a significant loss in brain function. Being a mom is such a tough job; my day consisted of trying to keep my beautiful baby entertained, stimulated, educated, maintain his hygiene and sleep trained (Oh. My. God. The dreaded sleep training). Then I had to attempt to keep the house clean, do loads of never-ending laundry and feed everyone! Let’s just say by the end of the day I could barely string a logical Facebook status update or Tweet together, let alone a blog post.

But this year has been the best year of my entire life.

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