Close encounter with the “Starbucks Cougar Crew”

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It was raining in Toronto yesterday, a very miserable day; people were not in the best of moods, me included. So when I was heading to my local Starbucks to get my morning kick in the a$$ I encountered a woman walking in the middle of the parking lot, head down under her raincoat hood and umbrella. It was actually more like fast staggering, swerving from side to side, which is what happens when you aren’t really watching where you are going and just trying to stay dry.

I stayed a good distance behind her for a few seconds going about 10 km/h just inching along and when she started cutting to the left I went to go around her on the right. I was wrong, she darted back to the right and I stopped dead. I wasn’t upset with her, its freaking pouring out! I’m sitting in my dry car and I’m in no rush. She however, is getting soaked, so I was more than prepared to go at her pace, but I wanted to let her know I was behind her in case she decided to make any more sudden movements so I tapped my horn. When she turned around I smiled and waved at her and carried on driving towards the Starbucks at her pace. I parked my car and headed to the door, getting there before the woman so I held it open for her – she says nothing to me, No thank you, nothing. Continue reading