Oops, I did it again

Today is HG Awareness day, so I think it’s only fitting that this is my first blog in over a year so here it goes:

Oops, I did it again…
Miles Joseph Beljo


Meet Miles Joseph Beljo.

Ok, ok, I know it’s been 3 months since he was born but after my hellish pregnancy things got more complicated when Miles started having some struggles of his own making it pretty difficult to do anything but care for him, but I will get to that another time. (maybe by doing my first vlog in 2 years!)

And I know, I said I was part of the “One and done” club and I truly thought I was, but personal experience as an “only” over the last 2-3 years made us re-think that position and now here we are proud members of the “Two and through” club and this time I AM DONE!

My last post was around this time last year, it was about my struggle with mild HG, and I never thought a month later I would be pregnant and battling that beast once again except this time, it was far worse.

Miles was planned…kinda.

We knew we wanted a second child but we thought we would have more time to “practice” and put a plan in place for my possible struggle with HG again. I had it all planned out in my head. I would find a doctor that understood HG, was supportive and open to the proper medications. I would stock up on books and prepare friends and family to help with Henry or me in case it got bad but none of that happened.

We got pregnant right away and for the first 5 weeks, I thought we were in the clear. With Henry, I was sick before I even knew I was pregnant but this time I had a fluffy 5 weeks and tried desperately to just find an OB, let alone one that would be able to support me with HG.

With Hyperemesis Gravidarum you need to get an OB almost right away, factor in that I was also 40 and had to get genetics testing between 8-10 weeks well the race was on. Unfortunately, there was a shortage of doctors in Durham and the earliest appointment was at 20 weeks!

By this time, the nausea started. I tried to be optimistic hoping it was regular morning sickness, but it became clear very quickly that it wasn’t and things were going downhill and fast!

Can I get a doctor?

I was finally able to get an appointment with an OB in the GTA, but it wouldn’t be until I was 11 weeks which was better than 20. Until then I was on my own or at the mercy of walk-ins and Hospitals which in my case was *not* a good place to be in.

By 7 weeks, I was maxing out my daily dose of Diclectin, I was barely holding down water, I had lost 10lbs and my son Henry was asking if I was going to die. This was when I made my first trip to Oshawa General.

Dehydrated and dry heaving into a vomit bag I waited in the waiting area for 6 hours to see a doctor and when I finally did he chastised me for waiting so long because I was “severely dehydrated” and told me I need to “take better care of myself”. When I asked him for Zofran, a life-saving medication for HG, he ignored the history I just spent 10 minutes giving him on my current condition and my previous pregnancy, told me I just had “morning sickness” ordered one IV bag with Gravol and sent me home. I was back 2 days later worse than before and this time I had to beg for a 2nd IV bag and I was once again refused the medication I knew I needed.

This is one of the worst parts of HG. Many healthcare “professionals” treat you as if you are overreacting to a “natural” part of pregnancy. They dismiss you. They discourage you from getting medical intervention and sometimes, like my second ER visit, they treat you as if you are a drug seeker. Last time I checked, anti-nausea/vomiting medication was not a narcotic. Nonetheless, I was made to feel like a horrible person for wanting to get medical intervention because “what about the baby?”

Which by the way is a great question, what about the baby? Is it good for the baby that I cannot give it nourishment or stay hydrated? How will my baby grow and thrive inside my body when my body is at war with itself? By this time I was down 24lbs.

Emotionally and physically drained

I cried a lot between 8-10 weeks. I had trouble working, I couldn’t sleep, and I was barely functioning. I started to think that I was not going to survive and neither was my baby. At this point, I was down 25lbs. I was filling my fridge with different juices and drinks, hoping to find something I could keep down. Nothing was working. I forced myself to eat small things just so I had something I could vomit up because the alternative was far worse. I knew I needed to go back to the ER, but I didn’t have the energy to move let alone face their judgement.

Getting up every morning and getting Henry to school during that time was an exercise in pure willpower and a miracle. It was instructions in between vomiting; it was carrying vomit bags and pulling over multiple times during a short 7 min drive to vomit or dry heave because there was no one else to do it, and keeping him home was not an option because I could barely care for myself let alone him all day. So, as many in my position do, I did what I had to do, how I had to do it.

The semi-light at the end of the tunnel

Just before week 10, I was able to hold down some Fruit Punch Gatorade for a day or two and I had run out. So, after dropping Henry at school I made my way up the street to the gas station to get a new bottle and I looked up and saw the Courtice Urgent Clinic across the street.

It was like an answer to a prayer.

I walked in, I was seen right away and the doctor took one look at me and without question or judgement wrote me a prescription for Zofran.

She saved me.

Driving to fill the prescription, I had to pull over to the side of the road, not just to puke, but to cry tears of relief and joy because I could see the “end of the tunnel” again. I had a better chance now to survive and beat this disease (again) and walk away with my baby. I wasn’t going to let it break me but there was still a long battle ahead.

The long road to labour

Even medicated, it was a struggle. I threw up a lot but I wasn’t nauseous; I was mentally drained but functioning. I had more complications this pregnancy, more aches and pains, less sleep and more to do with a 5-year-old, but I managed.

My goal was just to manage and I achieved that.

There were days I was so violently ill I thought I was going to pop a blood vessel. There were days I could barely make it from my bed to my couch. There were days I just cried and cried because I knew I was failing as a mother to my oldest because I was too weak and too sick to function, that was one of the worst parts.

I also had all the fears that many who suffer from HG have, the most terrifying being – am I getting enough food down for my baby to survive?

There was one night, I thought I lost him. I spent 45 minutes uncontrollably sobbing, trying to make him move and when he finally did I got violently ill from the stress of it all.

What many people don’t realize is that 1 in 3 HG pregnancy ends in a loss. So you go through all of this struggle for this little bundle and there is a great chance you will not bring a baby home. Even though I was medicated this was not going to be over until he was in my arms.

By the time I gave birth I had lost a total of 30lbs and only gained back 14lbs through my entire pregnancy.

Forever grateful

There is so much that you lose on your journey through an HG pregnancy such as friends, sometimes your marriage, in the worst cases your child or your own life. But there is one thing I gained, my Miles.

I am not mad at the friends I lost. Until you experience this disease up close it’s hard to understand that even though there is joy at the end, the struggle to get there is debilitating.

I am also not mad/hurt at the friends/family who are reading this now who think “I should’ve”… let me tell you now, you couldn’t. I was in no place to receive your love and support. In fact, it would actually cause me to have to exert some effort that most days I didn’t have. When I could, I posted on Facebook what was going on, I saw your comments there, and that was enough. And you know me, if I needed you, I would have called/texted/messaged. Just knowing you were out there doing you, made me happy when I needed every ounce of happiness.

You see, there is an amazing support group on Facebook for HG that I was able to find through a life-long friend, my sister from another mister, Cindy and from there I joined a subgroup of women who have become amazing friends. These women understood every aspect of what I was going through and that is what I needed. These women, who are now also my friends, gave me so much love, support, understanding and advice. They took care of me.

And Cindy, her support and guidance saved me twice. I love you forever and always! Oh, and the thoughtful books she sent including one for my Henry to help him understand that Mama was just sick for a little while – she is simply the best!

My work colleagues, thank you for making me laugh after you caught me vomiting in the bathroom, for being so kind and non-judgmental. For understanding when some of my pieces of the project were a little late and for not making a big deal out of my odd hours some days.

My new “village” in our new community, thank you for checking on me and making sure I could get out with other adults even if it was only for a little while.

My doctor, Dr. Logaridis who listened to me and made sure I was well taken care of.

Then there is my husband who was so supportive and picked up my slack, I would have been lost without him.

As always, if it weren’t for my parents’ love, concern and support I don’t know if I would have survived, because there were some dark times.

Lastly my son, my bug, my Henry. No child should have to sit outside a bathroom door day after day listening while you vomit to make sure Mama is ok. He shouldn’t get up to “check on her”. He shouldn’t have to pause his childhood because Mama is so sick. However, my Henry did. This child has so much love, empathy and patience, he is the reason I wanted to do this again.

I am grateful every day for all of these things and more, but most of all I am grateful that I survived and now our family is complete.

If you are so inclined please consider donating to Helpher.org





I’m Not Wrong, It’s My Opinion!

I can’t tell you how many times I have read or heard the phrase “It’s my opinion” after someone posts or says something that is wrong or bigoted. And they state it fully expecting people to say, “Oh, OK then, it’s just an opinion” and ignore facts, racism or logic. Or I have seen/heard “I’m not wrong about this I’m just giving my opinion!” Umm…No! No, that’s not how this works. It’s like somewhere between 2015 and now the definition of opinion got warped into this catch-all  “get outta jail” card to say whatever you want with no repercussions and end an argument or debate. It doesn’t work that way.

An opinion, by definition is:

opinion (noun)

  1. a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something: what someone thinks about a particular thing
  2. advice from someone with special knowledge: advice from an expert
  3. a formal statement by a judge, court, etc., explaining the reasons a decision was made according to laws or rules

An opinion is not a fact. An opinion can be wrong. And while you are entitled to have an opinion and share it, it can still make you an asshole.

For example,

Trump is President. <– That’s a fact.

I say “It sucks that Trump is President.”  <— That’s an opinion.

Here is another example

Jimmy and Kyle are gay <— That’s a fact.

You say “Jimmy and Kyle shouldn’t be able to get married cause they are gay”  <—That’s an opinion. And for bonus points, if you think or say that it makes you an asshole.

Why does it make you an asshole you ask?

Well,  it makes you an asshole because it becomes a discriminatory opinion. You see, when you have unjust or prejudicial views of a group of people based on things they cannot change like age, race, sex, gender identity, sexual preference or religion that is wrong! And this makes you an asshole.

So, if your opinion is going to hurt someone, you’re an asshole. (and to some of you right now, I’m an asshole for telling you that you’re an asshole…it’s an asshole “come to Jesus” session!)

And saying “it’s my opinion” doesn’t mean you are not hurting someone.

See how that works?

Who a person is or what they do is a fact. You don’t have to like a fact, and that is your opinion, but it doesn’t change the truth of the fact.

Now, I know this can get a little muddy cause well some Christians believe that because of a couple of references in the bible that being gay goes against God, and so you think I’m being hypocritical and discriminating against you…but I am not. God himself said “Judge not, lest ye be judged” which means Christian people, it’s not our place to damn and judge and exclude Kyle and Jimmy, that’s for God to do on judgment day. Also, I am not telling you your belief is wrong, I am telling you that your interpretation of the bible is just that your interpretation of the bible and it is not your place to force that interpretation on anyone, because then it changes from your interpretation to judgment which…say it with me…makes you an asshole!

Random Thought: Who is the Buffy Starlet in the Joss Whedon Affair?

A few weeks ago, a guest blog penned by the wife of my ultimate favorite writer, producer, director Joss Whedon appeared everywhere online outlining his disgusting treatment of his wife, including multiple affairs and exposed him as a feminist fraud.

I had a hard time with it, for so many varying reasons; from curiosity to disgust, to disbelief. Not that I didn’t believe Kai, I did. My issue with it all was I couldn’t reconcile how the man who created, in my opinion, one of the strongest, strategic thinking, complex, female character’s who carried an entire “universe” for almost a decade could be “that guy”. And it wasn’t just the character of Buffy, but almost all of the female characters on that show were kick ass, strong women.

And I now had to separate the man from his art, which was/is hard because he made sure it was so entwined.

In my process of doing this I also let my nosy curiosity take over and the sleuth in me started to wonder…who was the “beautiful, needy, aggressive young” woman on the set of Buffy that he had an affair with? And then I proceed to give it far too much thought; so of course I have to share my speculations in order of probability*:

Note: I am going to rule out Kristine Sutherland and Robia Brett LaMorte as they are around Joss’ age

Michelle Trachtenberg (Dawn):

That would not be an affair it would be child molestation.

Michelle was a young teen when she joined Buffy in Season 5 and she did a LOT of whining back then and screaming and she was just…ugh. But “ugh” in a way that little sisters are “ugh” so we loved her anyway and for that reason alone and the threat of jail time I think is a big no go zone!

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy):

Sarah had been around Hollywood/New York Entertainment scene since she was a young child, she knew what was up and she was not playing that. She was a sought after actress so she did not need to be validated by a first time TV showrunner.

Also, Joss may be a pig but he is obvi not stupid enough to risk getting his ass handed to him by a woman who knew Tae Kwon Do and could put a stake through the heart of his show by walking away if he crossed the line.

Alyson Hannigan (Willow):

While beautiful, she is not aggressive and also too self aware and smart to be manipulated by Joss’ power. Now that I know who he is, she would intimidate him and she has far to many physical similarities to his wife. But the biggest reason Alyson can’t be the affair women is he wouldn’t risk her talking about it in one of her “Band Camp” stories.

Amber Benson (Tara):
Similar to Alyson, she doesn’t fit the description. Also, Amber is a known feminist and he wouldn’t risk outing himself. She may have played mild mannered Tara, but Amber is a beautiful force to be reckoned with.
Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia):

She was originally my first suspect, only because she went from Buffy to Angel and I thought Joss may have “favoured” her.

But I ruled her out because she is/was very secure in her sexuality and didn’t strike me as “needy”. And while all of these women are forces Charisma packs an extra punch and would eat Joss alive and not break a nail.

Emma Caulfield (Anya):

She definitely fits the beautiful description, I can’t really see Joss attempting to manipulate her. And while she wasn’t as known prior to her role as Anya and within a good age range at the time, I find it highly unlikely due to other “evidence”. Also, after playing an ex-revenge demon for so long she probably picked up a few tricks that would scare him off.

Eliza Dushku (Faith):

I think we have a winner here folks and I will state my case.

She was young, beautiful and experiencing her sexuality for the first time away from home. There is also a story where Joss felt the need to do a “career intervention” with her because she was doing too many horror movies (SMG was doing the same at the time, but received no such attention) and thus Dollhouse became their project.

She was missing from the 20th Anniversary reunion that included Wesley who was a far less important character on Buffy. And according to Kai, Joss had already confessed to her at this point about the affair as they had been secretly separated for sometime. Could the decision not to include her have been to keep the peace?

I also noticed how over sexualized Eliza’s characters were in Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse – almost like he was leaving Easter eggs that he wanted us to find.  Like the creepy Mayor/Faith relationship storyline…ew.

Last point, Eliza has a thing for older men, gorgeous, delectable older men. So Joss fits part of that MO being…well …older.

Also if I look back to Eliza then (not now) I think she was a prime target for him. She was just legal and starting her career as an adult which an idiot would say that is needy, her outgoing personality could be misinterpreted by an insecure male as aggressive and there is no denying she is beautiful.

What do you think?

*Please note: This is just me sharing my crazy random thoughts on this. I understand these are real people involved with real feelings and my intention is not to hurt them. I did this to make light of what a lot of people are wondering when it comes to the affair revelation.

Who he actually had an affair with is none of my business, and honestly if it is or isn’t one of these women it doesn’t effect how much I love them or their work on the show. As far as anyone knows he could have had an affair with the caterer.

I also applaud these women for not making any public statements about this. I don’t see it as protecting him, I see it as protecting each other and the legacy of strong women they built together. This post was purely for entertainment purposes.