Setting goals instead of resolutions has worked…so far

Instead of making resolutions this year, I decided to make goals. There was more of a positive connotation to that then resolving to fix what could be perceived as wrong. I wanted my goals to be realistic as my life has changed so much in the past few years, but it had to challenging and be rewarding. I wanted to try new things or get back to some of the things I once loved and see if I still do. So I thought I would share my list with you:

  1. Do a 5k (I am actually registering for Color Me Rad – Go team #PAWsome)
  2. Read one book a month (I started this a month late, so I will have to double up one month)
  3. Reconnect with old friends (So far I have had a monthly gathering with some High School Friends)
  4. Ask for help (this one is hard, because I have been doing that and it’s not working out very well)
  5. Move on from negative things – This one needs an explanation. I have found that we dwell to much or linger on the negative. And I am not saying I am not going to do that, what I am saying is I am going to allow myself to feel it, but not for too long.
  6. Make myself a priority
  7. Get healthier (I have struggled losing the baby weight, so this year I am going to make the changes I need to make to get rid of it)
  8. Do one blog post a week (so far I am rocking this one)
  9. Do yoga and meditate – find my inner voice
  10. Join something (still trying to find something I am interested in)
  11. Continue to learn Croatian (still trying to find time for this one)

Two months into 2015 and so far I am on track with my goals and I am happy with the results. I am much happier, and in the areas of my life that I am not happy, I am working towards making changes for the better. I also realize that I am a constant work in progress and so far I am happy with how I am turning out.

What are you goals for 2015 and what are you doing to achieve them?