New York City: Happy 40th Birthday To Me and My BFF (Vlog)

My best friend Lisa turned 40 last month and I am only 8 months behind her. To celebrate this momentous milestone we decided to plan a trip to New York City to take a huge bite outta the “Big Apple”. When we first began planning this trip 5 years ago we had a pretty good size group, but when it came time to solidify plans only 3 Moms were left standing; Lisa, her sister-in-law Tasha and myself. Armed with a New York Pass (I’ll have separate blog on that), camera phones and sheer willpower we were three Moms, with no husbands, no kids, 6 days and a mission to explore as much as humanly possible in the city that never sleeps. From the Museum of Natural History to Madame Tussauds (Hey Allen and Ivan); From the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park and Wall St. to Times Square, we weren’t going to miss a thing!

I have always loved New York. Since FAME came out I wanted to go there, live there. I sometimes think in a sliding doors version of my life I probably do live there. I am also probably broke and living off of PBJ with 10 roommates sharing a studio apartment in that version of my life, but a piece of me lives in that city somewhere. There is this feeling I get whenever I am there, something about New York City that makes me feel more alive, free, a part of something artistic and soulful.

From The Upper East Side to the Lower West Side we covered it all. Our feet hurt, we barely slept and our bodies screamed at us to stop, but we kept going and I am so glad we did. For 6 days, I can say I lived in Brooklyn New York and I made memories with my best friend and Tasha that will last a lifetime. So this is it, our Moms only, #ThisIS40 Trip to New York – check it out:

Diary of a Working Mom: Business Travel After Baby

The title of this blog may be a little bit misleading as I wouldn’t necessarily call travelling from Scarborough to Barrie “Business Travel” as it was literally an hour and 15 minute drive away. But I did have to stay overnight and it gave me an idea of how, we, as a family would handle it should my job require a small degree of travel again. And other than my gut wrenching guilt and missing the little monster, I think it went well.

I used to travel for work, A LOT. I was basically gone for a week every month, and I loved it. I got to stay on the Upper West Side of New York City steps away from Times Square and Broadway; so close I could feel the city breathing. In Chicago I experienced the best shopping on the “Mile”, the best deep dish pizza at Gino’s and Lou’s and the best blues at Buddy Guy’s. I was lucky enough to drink Hurricanes and Hand Grenades dancing up and down Bourbon St. in New Orleans until we closed it down and I went to Las Vegas so many times I think I stayed at almost every hotel on the strip. And I did it all for free; I got to stay in luxury hotels, eating at the best restaurant and the companies I worked for or the partners we worked with paid for it. Don’t get me wrong I worked very hard, but I played just as hard too.   Continue reading

Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina: Oh, how I miss you.

This past Sunday we got to Skype with my husband’s family who live in a village just outside of Čitluk in Bosnia i Herzegovina. Seeing them and hearing their voices made me miss them and the beauty of the country they call home. My husband’s father built a wonderful house there and now all I can think about is the time we spent there and how much I want to go back.

This is a view from one of the bridges in Mostar.

This is a view from one of the bridges in Mostar.

My father-in-law passed away in November of 2013, and his wishes were for his children to bring him home to be laid to rest in the family vault. Because of the timing of his passing my husband and his siblings thought it was best to wait until the summer to make the arrangements and travel to Europe to honour his request. So in July 2014 my husband and I with one of my sisters-in-law boarded a British Airways plane with WAY too much luggage and began our journey to Europe with a 1 year old…on my lap. It was a tough journey, but after 2 stopovers – one in London* which I will NEVER do again and the other in Finland – we finally touched down in Dubrovnik. From door to tarmac it was a 24 hour journey, but the moment I stepped off that plane it didn’t matter, I fell in love.

Even at the airport I knew I was in a breathtakingly beautiful place. I could smell the sea, and I was surrounded by mountains. The air was so clean, the sky so clear and blue and you could actually see the shadows of the fluffy white clouds as the passed over the mountains.

It was like I stepped into a world that I thought only existed in my head. Continue reading