Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s day has gotten me in trouble in the past because my words were misconstrued by someone and it caused some issues at home. You see,  I sometimes refer to Valentine’s day as “Bound to be Utterly Disappointed Day” not because I get disappointed but because I know so many men and women who end the day in tears or mad because the day didn’t live up to the expectations they had in their minds. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have someone in their life to celebrate with or worse they stick with someone or start a relationship with someone just to not be alone for that day.  Most people end the day disappointed  when they don’t really need to be because they thought their partner was a mind reader and didn’t communicate their expectations, which is why my husband and I have not really celebrated Valentine’s Day as a couple for many years.
We talked about it, he told me how he felt about the day being too commercial and just another day were men and woman are forced to rush out and purchase gifts, buy/make elaborate dinners or do grand gestures to prove how great their love is when he feels it’s the everyday stuff that does that.

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Letter to Samantha Brick

Dear Samantha Brick,

While I think it is great that you are confident and want the world to know that YOU find yourself highly attractive, I also understand the backlash you have been getting.

The saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder rings true in life. What one person finds attractive, another may not, as is the case here.

To publically declare (in the media) that you are so attractive and that is the reason people “don’t like you” is mind boggling. And please don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying this because I am jealous, or because I believe women should not be confident in their looks and say so, or because I believe only men can say they are attractive. I say this because how you portrayed yourself came across as extremely cocky, not at all endearing, and cocky is not very attractive in a male or a female.

To ME it’s what’s on the inside that counts – beauty fades and all you are left with is what is inside YOU (your personality and your mind – hopefully). And from the article(s) it seems that once your looks go, there is not much more to you, which is sad.

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